Cook, Serve, Delicious! Review

Cook, Serve, Delicious! Review

Aug 9, 2013

Hell, this game really is the most realistic cooking simulator out there. I was actually somewhat flabbergasted when I first opened Cook, Serve, Delicious, as its tutorial goes on for longer than some games I played, and when it ends, it leaves the player weeping from the onslaught of mechanics and requirements. Even though it’s not that difficult to understand the process, once the actual game has started.

In Cook, Serve, Delicious – a title that keeps me slightly irritated, like a fly that can’t get out of the window, with its strange combination of two verbs and an adjective – the player controls a restaurant, rising up from the ashes. Unlike other cooking simulators, Cook, Serve, Delicious doesn’t just ask the player to cook stuff, but actually obliges him with every possible task there is, in the restaurant. It’s an actual joint-managing simulator, and describing every mechanic in it would be completely impossible. The main gameplay part is the player, serving and cooking for the customers, as well as performing several other tasks, like cleaning the dishes, and even having bathroom breaks. The orders keep piling in on the left side of the screen, and should be taken really fast, or the customer leaves unsatisfied. Tapping on an order triggers a mini-game of sorts, where the order has to be prepared. And boy, are there plenty of dishes to serve.

Cook Serve Delicious 3There are about thirty kinds of different food in Cook, Serve, Delicious, and preparing each one is slightly different. Corn Dogs simply require putting on some ketchup or mustard, while preparing pizza is one hell of a task. Not only that, but each customer has slightly different orders, so preparing steak to one customer is different from preparing it to another. It’s not much different, but it’s enough to force the player make some mistakes on the way. Pleasing a customer with a perfect serve is the obvious purpose of the game, as it gives the positive buzz to the restaurant, as well as more money in the counter. Giving a customer not quite what he asked for, won’t do much harm, but won’t make a positive buzz as well. Displeasing the customer with a completely spoiled, or ignored order, will make a negative buzz, so the restaurant will slightly decline in popularity.

Besides doing the orders in the work hours, player also has to purchase ingredients for different foods, buy new kitchen equipment that will make some new food available, and make up a menu that should be different each day, so it won’t get stale. If it’s not obvious yet, Cook, Serve, Delicious is very serious about being as close to actual restaurant workflow, as possible. It’s definitely not a light-hearted game, and is only suitable to people who aren’t afraid of its complexity.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nothing flashy about the graphics, but the sound design is incredible. That awesome sound of pouring beer into a glass, is enough for me.
Controls - It's very difficult to hit the tiny buttons on the mobile screen. Developers actually suggest using tablets, but it's still quite well playable on the mobiles.
Gameplay - Realistic, varied, and complex. Everything a management simulator should be.
Replay Value - The only desire, left after finishing the tiresome and frustrating work day, is to start a new one.
Overall - All ingredients are in the right proportions, and it's cooked well. I'll have a refill.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available at Google Play Store »

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