Copter Suvival: An Adventure Review

Copter Suvival: An Adventure Review

Jan 2, 2015

Copter Survival: An Adventure is a new helicopter based endless runner where a small helicopter flies headlong though a cavern while trying to run into coins. Does this apparently suicidal task make for a good game?

Copter Survival: an Adventure can be described in its entirely by the proceeding introduction. Using simple controls, the player steers a helicopter though an endless cavern system that seems to be randomly generated, which adds a bit of interest. As well as the ever present cavern walls, floating mines also wait to blow up the intrepid helicopter. Fuel cans can be collected to keep the helicopter flying and coins litter the cavern, but these have no apparent use.

Screenshot_2015-01-01-17-11-09Copter Survival lacks any kind of level or goal structure unlike a game like Jetpack Joyride or Punch Quest. The game is just an endless tunnel with coins that don’t do anything. There are no upgrades, or indeed anything to add any interest. Copter Survival is far too simple for its own good and it feels distinctly unfinished.

Copter Survival makes restarting after a death as annoying as possible. Every time the player blows up an ad appears that must be manually dismissed. At the beginning of every new game the game insists on redisplaying the tutorial text describing the controls, wasting a few seconds at the start of every game. Why this can’t be disabled is anyone’s guess.

As said above it is also a mystery as to why there are coins in the game. Coins do not do anything, cannot be spent and do not accrue over multiple games so they are completely useless.

Screenshot_2015-01-01-17-11-13Copter Survival gets dull very fast. While it is a bit of fun navigating your little helicopter though the cavern, the gameplay never changes. Without a goal to reach or other gameplay to look forward to the game gets dull very quickly indeed. There is no adventure in this game.

Copter Survival doesn’t look great. The cavern itself is a boring, uniform brown, the helicopter looks like a piece of clipart and the game has no real animation to speak of. There is just nothing interesting to look at. The sound is limited to a looping helicopter sound and some completely uninspiring music.

Copter Survival: An Adventure is a dull, amateurish game that only gets duller with subsequent games. There are many better endless runners on Android that have an actual upgrade system and far better graphics.

Copter Suvival: An Adventure Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Plain and old looking.
Controls - A fine control method.
Gameplay - One note gameplay with strangely unimplemented features and no goals or fun.
Replay Value - Absolutely nothing new to see and gameplay that gets dull within a few games.
Overall - Copter Survival is an unfinished and boring game that has no business being on Android in its current state. Avoid it.

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