Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE EN Review

Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE EN Review

Feb 6, 2017

We love our exploration games, and Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE (from 5pb) is one we’ve been keeping an eye on.

It’s been two months since the “Book of Shadows” incident — for those keeping tabs on the storyline, this refers to the events Corpse Party Book of Shadows. Now, the player takes on the persona of our heroine, who has to return to a world with a familiar faces completely erased erased.

The visuals are an interesting blend: on the one hand, we get the anime characterizations and cutscenes that make it easy to delve into the game; on the other hand, the panicked splotches of blood (along with screamy outbursts) do make for an eerie counterbalance. Visually, it comes across as a horror experience that isn’t overly horrific at first.

The game controls translate well; it’s easy to figure out illumination and how to run. The game fits in pointers through the lengthy intro, so that when the action really starts, it’s easy to feel comfortable with the game mechanics.


And lengthy the intro is. Wow. I caught myself wishing I could fast forward through the bulk of it. It does well to frame the action, but there is a lot of dead space.

The main action boils down to a lot of point and click action. The narrative is compelling, with plenty of apprehensive turns. The game does demand a bit of patience, and with this type pf game, that is perfectly okay.

It’s a great concept, but the connecting dialogue feels convoluted in parts; it is tough to pay attention to the side content while seemingly looking to move on in the game. The black scenes are great, but again, I feel a bit of moderation is what would make them resonate.

When it finally gets going, it does manage to keep one’s digits going, but the in-between grate on the nerves more than a bit. In the end, that’s what matters.

Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE EN Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Comfortable graphics.
Controls - Tapping, clicking and joystick.
Gameplay - Interesting gameplay... in-between the fluff.
Replay Value - Easy to get tied into through to the end.
Overall - Not bad! A leaner game would probably be even cooler, but great as-is.

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