Crash and Burn Review

Crash and Burn Review

Sep 2, 2014

Crash and Burn is Lunagames’ newest attempt to take your money with a video game in the endless runner genre. Gamers do not need to pay any money to play the game, but, as one might have guessed, it sure as hell makes things easier.

In Crash and Burn, players are racing with a awesome street race car (or, if one succeeds in the game, other type of cars too), while collecting coins, bumping other drivers on the road and using power-ups. The goal of the game is to get as far as humanly possible and the endless road ahead of you. Meanwhile, the game makes it harder for players to navigate that road, because it constantly will put more cars on the road for players to evade. It really gets challenging.


To make life a little bit easier, Lunagames implemented some neat little power-ups, Mario Kart style. Players can collect different kinds of power-ups, like a bomb (that explodes anything near the player), a rocket (dat seeks out the cars in front of the player) and even a boost (that will make the player’s car so fast, it can bump other drivers of the road). It really mixes up the gameplay in a way that it is actually fun the play Crash and Burn. But then, there is the downside.

The downside of the game are the coins. Yes, one can collect them by simply playing the game and collecting them on the road, but the really make progress in Crash and Burn, players will need lots of them. So, as it is usual with most of these kind of games, it is possible to invest real money in the game to progress quicker. It is always a choice of course, but the progress in the game is going quick at all, making players think that they will have to buy coins to get the cooler cars.

It is a shame, really. Because production-wise, it is an awesome game. It looks really nice on my Nexus 5, plays very well without any kind of lag and even has some cool dubstep to listen too – and most importantly, that compliments the game. Let’s not forget the controls. They are marvelous. So it is really to bad the focus is on getting peoples money within a free game. Next time, maybe it is better to just put the game in the store for a couple of bucks and be done with that.

Crash and Burn Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game looks really cool, with awesome explosions.
Controls - The controls are very reactive to the player's input.
Gameplay - The gameplay looks like a combination of Burnout and Mario Kart.
Replay Value - It takes too long to progress; by paying money one can quickly solve this...
Overall - Really well made game with the focus on the wrong things.

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