Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Review

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Review

Mar 8, 2018

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past takes you way back… on a mystery solving tip.

To be clear, developer Pretty Simple has come up with a few games of the same style with the Criminal Case imprint; this one has an interesting period angle which should somewhat set it apart from the rest.

And like its predecessors in the series, Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past is a sleuthing caper that encases a hidden objectcc3 game. The core idea? Find objects hidden stills, and proceed with the clues found to ultimately solve mysteries.

It’s leveled, and the the action itself is interspersed with procedural dialogue that helps push the secondary action along. It starts with a crime, and you, the detective, needs to find listed objects in the area shown. Of course, these items are not that easy to find, and it takes a bit of searching to find the items.

Stumped? There are hints. When you finish finding the object, the game leads you on a mission to do “real” police work, like analyzing clues, and drawing inferences by interviewing suspects. Then, it’s up to you to use the gleaned facts to solve the case and arrest the culprit.

It actually works well.

In the end, it’s a pretty fun game. The biggest plus is that it has great pedigree, in that its developer has experience in this genre, and that experience shows in this latest extension of the franchise. The scenes aren’t as haphazard as you might find in other games of this kind, and the period backgrounds are interesting almost on their own.

Now, if you’re not the biggest fan of hidden object mystery games, the continual searching might grate on your nerves a tad, but the procedural aspect of the game should help alleviate that somewhat.

As-is, it does work particularly as a spot time water at the very least, and a whole more at best.

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Familiar looks, and nice artwork.
Controls - Intuitive touch controls are simple.
Gameplay - Core hidden object play, plus solving component set it somewhat apart.
Replay Value - Decently addictive.
Overall - A worthy continuation of the franchise.

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