Criminal Legacy Review

Criminal Legacy Review

Jun 30, 2014

Criminal Legacy plays a lot like Rage of The Immortals. Players build their own gang from the ground up, building a headquarters to craft and upgrade gear, generate cash and so on. There is a long, long list of single player missions to do and some amusing dialogue. Players work their way cross the map, taking over locations and working to track down Volkov, the man who put them in prison to begin with. Volkov sends text messages often during the game taunting the player and generally commenting on whatever your gang is doing, which is a nice touch.

Besides single player there is also a PvP arena where other player’s gangsters can be fought. Winning multiple fights in a row awards items.

Screenshot_2014-06-28-20-29-38A rather insidious mechanic to PvP however is that win streaks required to gain items are much higher than the player’s max energy. Ergo, the only way to gain higher level rewards is to either spend diamonds or play every minute or so over and over. Criminal Legacy would really like your money.

Gathering a gang is as easy as finishing single player stages. Completing certain ones awards new gang members. Each gang member has an element and they can only equip matching gears, which boost stats. The elemental system adds some much needed complexity to the game as building a team to counter enemy gang elements is important to success.

The actual combat in Criminal Legacy is automatic and pretty much identical to Rage of the Immortals. Combat is still pretty fun to watch; the character design is really nice, the animations are smooth and there’s plenty of gang bangers getting shot or sliced to bits. Each gear has a different weapon, so it’s fun to see what weapons your gangsters will acquire next.

Screenshot_2014-06-28-20-34-15Criminal Legacy, like most games of its type is full of loot. Winning battles awards sets of gear and items used to craft new items. Gears can be enhanced. This uses one gear to straighten another gear, much like the strengthening system seen in card battlers. Players can also combine two sets of gear into another random, but usually stronger one.

Criminal Legacy has a lot of freemium features. Players can spend diamonds to buy vaults full of high level gear and they can also be used to heal gangsters and restore PvP energy. Without spending diamonds gang members heal very slowly indeed, to the point where the player can really only do 1 or 2 high level battles an hour before their team has to rest. This is very frustrating.

Criminal Legacy looks pretty good. The game is 2d but very detailed and there is a nice variety of gears and enemies. The sound is decent enough as well. Combat sounds good, but the game has a critical lack of music. There are only a few tracks in the game and they aren’t very good.

Criminal Legacy is a decent freemium title and its plot and elemental system make it a little more interesting than the typical freemium battler.

Criminal Legacy Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Well detailed graphics and limited but good sound. Lousy music.
Controls - A solid interface.
Gameplay - Despite its automatic battles Criminal Legacy's elemental system and gang building add some interest.
Gameplay - A lot of missions and loot to find. Freemium features may turn some players off.
Overall - Criminal Legacy is a cut above the average freemium battler and is worth a look.

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