Critical Missions: SPACE Review

Critical Missions: SPACE Review

Oct 14, 2013

Critical Missions: SPACE is another title in the Critical Missions series. It is an FPS port of a franchise that is fairly well known on PCs.

The tutorial is the perfect way to get the toes wet. As already noted, it leads directly into first person view, and gives an overview of the virtual buttons and what they control. Movement, crouch, weapons and attack controls are all given the rundown. The game is designed well, and mimics console FPS games.

The gameplay can be had in singles our in a multiplayer group; either way, there is an option to work as a bad guy or good. In single player, there is classic, team deathmatch and alien survival modes to pick from.

Different types of enemies roam, and they generally have different strength levels. It’s possible to switch weapons cms1from gun to grenade to bladed weapon for melee attacks.

The graphics trend to be a bit jumpy in parts; there are times when the animations seem to stagger a bit, especially with regards to event personnel. Still, it’s hard not to admire the overall artwork, and the way colors are used to create a feeling of foreboding. From the space suits to the varied environments, the game does a decent job of setting the tone artistically.

My biggest gripe has to do with the controls. Yes, FPS-type game controls can be extensive regardless of the platform, but I thought these were a bit cramped, even on a 7-inch device. The sighting mechanism was easy enough to manipulate, but I was not overly enamored of the weapon switching system. I also thought that the game overall was a bit formulaic in that I kept waiting on something BIG to happen.

Try as one might, it’s impossible to describe the game as boring; it is a fun mobile diversion that invariably does its job allowing folks to immerse themselves in a space shootout. Even while at the grocery store.

Critical Missions: SPACE Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Mature feeling look.
Controls - Might be a tad overwhelming, but cover plenty of permutations quite well.
Gameplay - Great FPS play, with several modes.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Fun port that can still use a bit of refinement.

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