Crosswire Review: Mindless Fun

Crosswire Review: Mindless Fun

Sep 1, 2017

The world will always have a spot for fun time-wasters, and as such, Crosswire should be good to go. In theory, that is.

It is probably easier to play it than to explain it. It’s set up simply from a visual point of view… dark background to start, fairly stark, but perfect to highlight the white text and the main play pieces. It plays in portrait, which “feels” natural, and is otherwise bereft of frills — in a good way.cross3

The main concept is to guide two mirrored lasers through specific gates. At the beginning, the one was green, and the other orange. Both travel forwards at angles that mirror each other. The path of each can be altered simultaneously by tapping the screen.

Now, each beam has to make it through a gate of matching color: green through the green gate, and presence through the orange great. The gates appear periodically, always in tandem and equidistant from the width of the playing area. To be clear, they aren’t always in the same place, which adds to the challenge.

So, the trick is to guide the beams by the aforementioned tapping, so as to ensure they make it through the appropriate gate. Sometimes, they’ll cross paths, and a lot of times, it boils down to quick reflexes.

Missing the gate ends the run. Missing the right color ends the run. Being slow sucks… and generally will end the run. Oh yeah… those collectible pieces? Opportunity costs.

The duality of the game is probably a big part of its charm. Controlling two streams while only really controlling one is actually interesting. Keeping it going is tougher than you might guess, and while last second recoveries are possible, sometimes it’s too late to correct course. Again, the big thing is to keep an eye on the gate colors and adjust accordingly as early as possible.

All in all, it is a simple game, high score driven and ad-supported. Not a bad game at all, especially with the cash-unlockable extras.

Crosswire Review: Mindless Fun Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple presentation that resonates.
Controls - Simple taps to control; probably could be even simpler.
Gameplay - Easy gate play.
Replay Value - Possible to get lost in, again and again.
Overall - An engaging game that helps time fly.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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