Crush The Castle Review

Crush The Castle Review

Aug 25, 2010

Thirst for destruction? Looking to travel to exotic locals? Are you longing for a chance to launch large blunt objects? Do you laugh in the face of human casualty?

The king is looking for you to join the trebuchet team in Armor Game’s new Flash-To-Iphone-Android port, “Crush The Castle.”

But who am I kidding? You work in a cubicle. You’d enjoy nothing more than no launch your desk at the office building across the street. Finally, dear Android user, your thirsts can be quenched.

Crush The Castle is a flash game that has made it’s way from the Iphone, to the Android operating system.

As part of an attacking force, every levels puts you in command of a trebuchet (read: catapult) team, in charge of destroying castles. Only well-launched stones will accomplish your goals of “crushing the castle” in three or less shots. If you can do that, you’ll win medals. If it takes more shots than that, the king will be “unimpressed by your narrow victory.” As you destroy more castles, you are rewarded with better weaponry, but more fortified castles.

The music is well composed, the animations are simplistic, but at times, downright hilarious. The sound effects add much to the experience. When I defeated a castle and heard king scream as he tumbles six stories was pretty funny.

Armor games did an excellent job porting this game from it’s original flash, an made it very touch-friendly. Some users have shared difficulties with lag, due to their older phones. If you have a high-end device, you should have no problems.

With 90 different castles spread out over two different continents “wherein to do battle,” the replay value is high. It also features a build-your-own-castle option, but unfortunately, you can’t share your creations, so building castles just to knock them down wears thin fairly quickly.

(Hint hint, Armor Games- Build in the ability to share your creations, and you’ve won a serious fan)

The game takes about an hour and a half to beat, which is decent for a game you’ll for only a buck. Grab it!

Crush The Castle Review Rundown

Presentation - An Iphone port, but the programming is solid, and gameplay is easy to learn.
Graphics - If you have a higher-end device, you can't go wrong.
Sound - At times, I literally laughed out loud.
Gameplay - Sometimes slightly glichy, but mostly very fluid, and good fun.
Overall - It's easier than pulling up the flash game on your phone, and you'll keep coming back for more.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Max

    There is a better game like that on the Android market, called “Tractus”

  • I have played this game. It’s survival games and It’s survival games and have fun to crush castle. But you should add some extra features and level which makes game more funny.