Crush II Review

Crush II Review

Jun 13, 2014

At first, when looking at screenshots, Crush II doesn’t look like that big of a deal. But when players get in to it, it will get real hard, real fast.


Crush II is a relentless puzzle game. In Crush II, players are tasked with combining two block of the same color, while other blocks keep on falling on top of them. Don’t think to lightly about that: In Crush II, players will get baffled by the speed of those colored little terrors – I know I did. At the beginning of a fresh new game, I always thought: now is my time to shine. And for a while, I did shine. Heck, I shined for quite some time. But there is a moment in every game of Crush II where to falling blocks will beat players at their own game. A defeat is inevitable – but somehow, by playing the game more and more, players will get better at it and will raise their own high scores frequently. The only thing crushers have to endure is the constant feeling of defeat, every time the game ends.

By tapping a block of one color – say blue – it will blink, showing the playing which block it just tapped. Then players have to tap another blue block, to make those two dissapear. Although the mechanic has some similarities with the Dutch physics based puzzler Push Panic, it is quite different when one is playing it. Like I said, the speed of the falling blocks is much higher. Also, there are no physics involved, whatsoever – except for the digital gravity, that is. Players need to have an almost perfect hand-eye-coordination to tap as many blocks as possible, because when there is just one block touching the upper border of the touchscreen, it is game over. Just like in Tetris. It is just frantic all together and that is the unique selling of this game – eventhough there isn’t anything remotly original about the game.

Crush II is for those die hard puzzle and tap fans out there. The game isn’t easy by a long shot and only the best players, with a near perfect hand-eye-coordination, will get the best high scores in this game. But there is one basic rule that forms a bond between every player of this game, good or worse. And that is that crushers will face death, for it is inevitable.

Crush II Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It flashy and colorful, but has some annoying sounds.
Controls - Tapping the blocks is a great mechanic.
Gameplay - It fast, it's frantic and fun.
Replay Value - Because players die real quick, a new game is always a possibility.
Overall - Solid puzzle game where players need to have quick reflexes.

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