Cryptic Cosmos Review

Cryptic Cosmos Review

Aug 30, 2013

Cryptic Cosmos is a small, tight quest, set in an outlandish base, far in the dark reaches of space. Main Hero is a bounty hunter, whose target is hiding out somewhere in the base, with the game’s main goal being finding it out and disposing of it. Although the story isn’t as convoluted and original as it could be, it’s a nice setup for a space adventure, and serves well enough as the game’s background. Although one of my main concerns about the game was initially its relative shortness, I now think that it’s just long enough. It has enough content, without sinking into repeat or artificially stretching its gameplay. While it is short, it’s long enough to give a good deal of interesting puzzles. Shortness of the game is likely because of an in-game walkthrough, which is a brilliant move in itself, so there’s no need to sweep through all of the previously unlocked locations, searching for the bit that was previously skipped.

Cryptic Cosmos 2Cryptic Cosmos‘ puzzles are numerous and range from quite obvious to seemingly unsolvable. I’d dribble on about the difficult to understand logic of some of them – but again, I remember that if the player can’t solve a puzzle, there’s a hint waiting for him. In any case, the game has enough variety in its puzzles and tasks, so as not to become repetitive. The graphics aren’t all that amazing, and the soundtrack is a bit repetitive, but they’re both quite enough for a smooth, interesting experience. Besides, Cryptic Cosmos has a slick 60-s sci-fi look that is always a pleasure to look at. Perhaps, the only issue I have is an inability to freely go to any unlocked room, as strolling through the similar corridors between them starts getting irritating after a while. Another unusual problem I had was that my eyes started getting weary after playing it for a while. The reason for this, it seems, is that the game transitions between the locations by fading to black, and it’s forcing the eyes to strain. Although I might just getting old from all the sitting behind the screen, who knows.

Wrapping up, Cryptic Cosmos is another nice addition to the lovely range of short adventures and puzzles on the mobile platform. It has original, entertaining puzzles, plenty of challenges, and a classic adventure-puzzle gameplay to go with them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch Star Wars again.

Cryptic Cosmos Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - A bit dated, but looking fine.
Controls - Nothing unusual, just tapping around.
Gameplay - Fine, moderate classic gameplay.
Replay Value - It's interesting to play, but after passing through, there's little need to return.
Overall - Really, it's just fine. Not astonishing, or mediocre - just fine.

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