CSR Racing Review

CSR Racing Review

Apr 17, 2013

No matter what type of things we get into, a lot of gamers have a soft spot for racing. CSR Racing takes us to a place where pinks are the currency and adrenaline is never in short supply.

The tutorial was pretty cool; I learned how to rev up and get a good jump, and also how to shift gears. The mechanism for the latter seemed well designed, felt fairly intuitive and made sense. The graphics were sharp and appealling, and the racing sequence animations were superb.

I started my actual racing career started with a donation of $25,000. I was prompted to pick from a selection of affordable cars. As expected, the starter cars were relatively bare-boned, and it was clear I’d have to race o earn game money to upgrade and increase my garage. I liked the quirky little nuances, like cars taking a while to be CSR1delivered unless I paid for the privilege. Shortly after this, I got to go to a regulation race.

The race was standard night-time drag racing fare; one opponent, winner-takes-all dash over 0.25 miles. Win or lose, i got stats at the end, including a quick detailing of my start, shifts, bonuses and, of, course, time. I won a flat rate for the victory, which I banked towards upgrades. There were several types of races of varying difficulty.

One of the things that set this game apart was the selection of racers and the customization options. Much of it was only accessible via in-app purchasing, but I truly loved seeing European cars and homegrown cars, from BMWs to McLarens. And when upgrading cars, logic had to be applied with regards to equipment. Picking the wrong wheels, for instance, could make it hard to compete in one piece. In-app purchasing could be used to expedite development, but was not needed; I could upgrade and level up on my own.

I found CSR Racing to be vibrant, fun and reasonably realistic. It brings out the Vin Diesel in all of us, allowing us to “live life a quarter mile at a time.”

Virtually, at least.

CSR Racing Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Incredibly smooth, and animations were top-notch.
Controls - Kudos for making such simple controls feel so encompassing.
Gameplay - Plenty of realistic, fun gameplay.
Replay Value - Highly addictive game.
Overall - Fantastic racing simulation.

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