Cube Samurai RUN Review

Cube Samurai RUN Review

Jun 23, 2014

Cube Samurai RUN tells the tale of a heroic young cube trained in the ways of the Bushido. Is it honorable?

Cube Samurai RUN is summed up pretty well by its name. It’s a game about a strangely cube shaped samurai charging along a futuristic dystopian landscape with their katana while avoiding legions of laser toting evil robots who want to turn them into cube shaped ashes.

Screenshot_2014-06-06-14-43-25Cube Samurai RUN mixes up the runner format a bit: there are lots of ledges and different routes to take while running, and they need to be used well as enemies always aim directly at the player and they tend to lead their shots, so jumping to different levels is a great way to stay out of their fire.

Like most samurai, Cube Samurai has a katana and this can be used to wipe out the enemies attacking you, provided their shots can be dodged long enough. This dynamic dodge-kill gameplay isn’t often seen in a runner and it works very well here. Further on in a run enemies get more numerous, aggressive and accurate and there are few other hazards in the game besides the odd pit. Cube Samurai Run is all about evading enemies and taking them out without dying.

Screenshot_2014-06-06-14-28-31One hit ends the game, unless the player was lucky enough to pick up armour. There are also coin magnets and other powerups to be had.

Between games coins that are collected can be used to upgrade skills, allowing the samurai to deflect enemy bullets, enhance the value of coins or make powerups last longer. Most powerups are very expensive and it will take a great deal of time to afford them. Of course a few dollars can make this process much faster.

Cube Samurai RUN looks really good. A cool stark art style with lots of strange looking buildings and strong colors gives the game a smooth, robotish type vibe and really suits the subject matter.

The sound is less polished however. Jumping and enemy sounds get the job done, but some dull kato music that never changes really doesn’t do anything for the game. Japan is full of amazing styles of music and a single dull tune just doesn’t cut it for games these days.

Cube Samurai RUN also suffers from the typical lack of replay value of runners. Its upgrades and achievements ad a bit of life to it but it isn’t likely to stay interesting for too long.

Cube Samurai RUN is a pretty and well playing but ultimately fairly disposable game. It’s worth a few plays but don’t expect anything too revolutionary.

Cube Samurai RUN Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Slick graphics and some sharp sound.
Controls - Solid controls that react quickly.
Gameplay - Good mix of running and attacking.
Replay Value - As long lived as a runner can be.
Overall - Cube Samurai RUN is an enjoyable game.

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