Cubed Snowboarding Review

Cubed Snowboarding Review

Mar 24, 2014

The Winter Olympics have passed, along with winter itself, so while the rain showers are drowning the outside world, it’s nice to get back into the snow – at least if you’re not bored to death with it already.

Although Cubed Snowboarding is an incredibly simple game, I enjoyed it. In Cubed Snowboarding, the player takes part in a series of descents through randomly-generated tracks that gradually become more and more challenging. The track twists and turns, but always consists of three lanes that player can change between by pressing “up” and “down” buttons. The main challenge is to Cubed Snowboarding 3always pick up the “turn” token, or else the cubeman will go off the tracks. The next problem is trees and other obstacles that have to be evaded, or it’s the end of the race. Actually, finishing in a ditch doesn’t affect the progress, and it’s possible to “complete” the tournament, without completing any tracks, but finishing the track properly gives a huge point boost, and it’s everything that matters. Literally, because the end score is the goal in itself. There’s nothing to unlock, or achieve, other than improving your score that’s combined from the scores from all the tracks.

Besides evading the obstacles, the player also needs to perform tricks – again, to improve his score. Most of the bonus score comes from flips. When jumping off from a cliff or a snowbank, the player can press one of the two buttons that can rotate him forwards or backwards. The challenge is that he needs to land on his feet, or again, the track will be over. So, it’s always a choice between making more flips for higher score, or landing without breaking your spine in sixteen places.

There are other small mechanics in Cubed Snowboarding, but the basics are very simple. Although it looks more like a mini-game that should come with several other mini-games like it, this small arcade game is worth checking out.

Cubed Snowboarding Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very minimalistic, but looks pretty well.
Controls - Require some getting used to.
Gameplay - Simple, but has enough depth to last for some time
Replay Value - Randomly generated levels save this game from being really boring.
Overall - There's not much content in the game, but it's cute, moderately challenging, and free.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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