Cubot Review

Cubot Review

Feb 20, 2014

Cubot is a fun little tile from Nicoplv.

It’s a cute sliding cube puzzler that uses color to highlight the gameplay. The basic premise is to move colored cubes to colored tiles on the playing grid within a specific set of movement rules. The rules are basically based on the color of the blocks/cubes in the specific level.

An example of the gameplay is shown in the early levels, and there are tutorial animations to help folks through. The playing area is rendered in mostly stark wihite, with a 3D grid made up of square blocks, and it begins with a blue block which has to be moved to a blue square on the playing grid. The general control mechanism is via swipes; at this base level, a swipe in any direction moves the blue block one step in that direction. The overall idea is to get the blue cube to the blue resting place in as few moves as possible.cubot1

After the first, perfunctory go, it starts getting a bit craftier, with multiple blue cubes and a directly proportional number of blue tiles. The kicker is that a swipe moves ALL the cubes in said direction. This makes for some tricky gameplay. The playing area is usually irregular enough and has restricting that can be manipulated to control movement of cubes.

Then, the engine adds in cliffs, which means that errant swipes can cause a cube to fall off the grid, causing failure. And then the game introduces stacked levels, where the blocks can be used as bridges to get a remote tile. The best part is the addition of different colored cubes; it tosses in red ones, but red ones have different rules. One swipe moves blue cubes one step, but red ones move two. Again, this forces a bit of strategy to be utilized. it goes on with more colors and more intricate grids. Stuff like color switching and teleporting come into play.

The game is simple in concept, which adds to its charm. It isn’t the first game to employ this type of gameplay, but the sharp graphics somewhat set it apart. It helps that there is a demo version in Google Play.

It’s a nice diversionary game, and is quite the puzzler, and worth trying out at the very least.

Cubot Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Sharp looks with clean minimalist feel.
Controls - Swipe controls.
Gameplay - Challenging leveled play based on easy-to-understand rules.
Replay Value - Fun diversion.
Overall - Interesting game with a lot of play available.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available at Google Play Store »

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