Cut the Rope Review

Cut the Rope Review

Jun 24, 2011

Cut the Rope has finally made its way to Android. This puzzle game features gameplay that is exactly what it says on the tin – ropes need to be cut to get the candy from the starting point into the adorable Om Nom’s mouth. Along the way, there are three stars to collect; unlike Angry Birds, where 3 stars are based on some arbitrary point value, getting 3 stars in a level means actually collecting all 3 stars in a level. Later levels introduce things like bubbles that float a candy up toward the top of the screen, air gusts that can blow the candy around, and other things that make the game more about than just rope-cutting. The game comes with 7 level packs, comprising 175 levels total.

The fun of Cut the Rope comes from the simple gameplay that quickly turns ingenious; the game starts to add a lot of elements gradually to make the experience vary as it goes on. The controls never get overly complex, as everything is directly interacted with through taps and gestures. The game also features achievements and high scores through Scoreloop. The Android version is a great transition from the iOS version; the gameplay has translated perfectly to Android, and ZeptoLab made the game run on different resolutions perfectly without any skewed aspect ratios, unlike PopCap’s Android ports. All the content from the iOS version is here as well. The game is also a free download, with small banner ads displayed at the title screen and between levels.

The Android port is not without its issues, at least right away; the game occasionally doesn’t load on the Samsung Galaxy S, and requires to be closed out before relaunching. Some levels won’t load as well; the experience may vary based on phone model, of course. The game’s later content is locked away right from the beginning, so people who may have played the game on iOS a while back and haven’t gotten to check out the new content will have to play through the old content to get back to that point.

Cut the Rope is yet another fun game brought to Android. While more original content would be great, getting games like this on Android is only a positive. It is a free download, and the ads are unobtrusive. Go to the GetJar store and download the game now, although it will be propagating to other app stores in the near future.

Cut the Rope Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Vibrant colors, beautiful animations, and proper aspect ratio display on widescreen phones!
Controls - Simple to use, although cutting certain ropes can be tricky.
Gameplay - Addictive gameplay that follows the classic model of 'start simple, gradually increase complexity' that great games have.
Replay Value - 175 levels, with more promised, and each level set introduces new elements to the game.
Overall - A fun and addictive game that has made a great transition to Android.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Demoman

    I really like the trend that more and more first class iPhone games make their way to Android. This game is a jewel and runs perfectly on my Increddible S (at least until now ;).
    Again, thank for the tip and the nice review!