Cut the Rope: Time Travel Review

Cut the Rope: Time Travel Review

Apr 23, 2013

Om Nom is back, and he’s brought with him…other Om Noms? What? Such is the mind-bending concept behind Cut the Rope: Time Travel, ZeptoLab’s latest in their series of candy-and-ropes physics puzzler.

The core goal is the same as in the original and Experiments versions of the title: get the candy from its original position in to Om Nom’s mouth. But now, because Om Nom has been sucked into a time portal, he’s traveling throughout history, with other Om Noms to feed! The Om Nom dynasty is full of prolific candy consumers, so there’s now two candies to feed to two different Om Noms.

This means that challenges have to be approached in a new way, and there’s a lot more in the way of timing elements in trying to get each candy into each green creature’s mouth. As well, each time period, of which the game boasts six at launch with 15 levels each, boasts a new gameplay mechanic, like candies that mimic the movement of the other candy, or the ability to freeze time. That time-freezing is interesting because it also stops the momentum of the candy.


What ZeptoLab appears to be doing with Cut the Rope: Time Travel is to emphasize a wide variety of gameplay mechanics versus exploring any one of them. The game doesn’t get too challenging, and an expert player can three-star most of the levels without too much effort. In fact, the fact that there’s an odd number of stars and an even number of candies makes for a few odd scenarios where two stars may be clumped next to each other on one side, with only one on the other.

While there’s certainly the promise of additional levels, and it’s something that ZeptoLab has definitely delivered on in the past, at launch the game seems merely content to introduce concepts instead of exploring them. It was something that seemed lacking in their previous title Pudding Monsters as well, so it’s hardly a new phenomenon with them.

There’s certainly a lot of clever things here (making one of the stars only available by using ‘superpowers’ which are largely obtained through IAP is not one of them), and there’s a lot for Cut the Rope fans to love. It’s just that like a sugary snack, it’s briefly satisfying, but not really fulfilling. But it does taste good for a while!

Cut the Rope: Time Travel Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - ZeptoLab knows high-quality game graphics.
Controls - Touching and tapping everything works as well as always.
Gameplay - It's inordinately familiar, with some new tweaks, sure, but nothing ever gets explored quit to its full potential.
Replay Value - 90 levels, but it's not a lengthy game by any stretch.
Overall - It's another solid Cut the Rope game, but it could have been a lot better.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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