Dark Avenger Review

Dark Avenger Review

May 20, 2013

Ever wanted to roam about some dungeons, grab some weapons, go through more dungeons and pick up better weapons? If you answered yes, then Dark Avenger is the game for you.

You may have a good idea of what the game’s like if I were to explain it as Diablo-esque. You hack and slash at enemies, level up your character and pick up weapons and gold as you go.

The dungeons are pretty straightforward, essentially forcing you down a straight corridor. This is a bit of a shame for me, as half the fun of a dungeon is getting lost in it, exploring every nook and cranny and hoping to stumble across some hidden gold. This won’t happen in Dark Avenger.

What will happen though, is a lot of combat. It’s pretty simple, as for the most part you’ll simply hold down the attack button to perform a 3-hit combo repeatedly. The strategy comes in when you launch special attacks.

Special attacks unlock as you level-up and have their own special properties that will make you think about what 3 you want to take with you into the dungeon. Some will make you invulnerable from attack, some are long-ranged whilst others will teleport you across the room.

The enemies themselves are pretty varied. They’ll be quick or slow, defensive or offensive and they’ll have a variety of ranges from which they attack. All of this adds up to make combat a lot more engaging and enjoyable than it first appears.

With this type of game, it’s all about the loot and in Dark Avenger, you’re never far away from picking up some new gear. What you do with it is another matter as loot can be sold, upgraded using ‘forge stones’ or broken down to collect said ‘forge stones’. Yet another layer to Dark Avenger‘s gameplay that makes it that much more enjoyable.

Aside from plodding through level after level of dungeons, you’ve got a few other modes to keep things interesting. There’s a time attack mode that forces you to go through previously completed levels, but much faster as a timer’s counting down and the only way to keep it topped up is by defeating enemies. Your reward for this is the fact you get 20% more gold on the run-threoughs. Well worth it.

The three other modes are ‘Infinity Tower’, ‘Deathmatch’ and the newly released ‘Boss Raid’. These modes have a multiplayer focus and either see you working with or against other players.

DarkAv2As you’d guess, ‘Infinity Tower’ tasks you with going through floor after floor of enemies, all using one life. Each day, the person who makes it to the highest floor gets a reward, with other positions in the table also getting rewards.

‘Deathmatch’ is pretty poor. The game’s combat isn’t suited very well to this style of competitive play and it’s not very balanced. As a level 13 character you won’t have much fun against a level 23 character that you’ll no doubt come up against.

‘Boss Raid’ also has a multiplayer slant, in that you’re dumped into a room with 3 other random players and you have to defeat a boss much stronger than anything you’ve faced in the single-player game. There’s nothing tactical about 4 people attacking a giant creature at the same time, yet it still feels fun and rewarding after slaying these mighty creatures.

Dark Avenger doesn’t do anything new with the dungeon crawling, loot picking-up genre, but it does do it well. Very, very well.

Dark Avenger Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Solid graphics, though nothing spectacular.
Controls - Simple and responsive controls.
Gameplay - Dungeon crawling and loot hoarding perfection.
Replay Value - Varied modes. Tons of loot. You'll keep coming back to this.
Overall - A fantastic example of what a 'Diablo clone' can be.

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