DataVault Password Manager Review

DataVault Password Manager Review

Oct 15, 2012

I sometimes feel as if I live life password to password. Blame it on the internet age; we all seem to be heavily connected. The web has become our centralized conduit. To keep our pathways safe, we have all learned to use passwords.

And the term “password” has long since stopped an effective gatekeeper. I have hundreds of web portals that I access. Some hourly, some every blue moon, but access is important enough to retain the passwords. So, I have to have access to these websites with secure, unique passwords, and I cannot afford to use one across the board. Even more crucially, I have to have access to these passwords on the go.

DataVault Password Manager looked to fill that void.

DataVault brings Ascendo Inc’s cross-platform password management chops to bear on Android. At the core of the system is the handheld component. The data entry was straightforward, with plenty of templates to guide. I found that customization was not an afterthought; even the icons set allowed for imports of images. And since security should be of essence, I appreciated the toggle-able security and log-in attempt controls. Too many guesses of the master password initiated destruction of the local database.

For me, it’s pointless to have a password repository without a reasonable backup alternatives. I thought the developers did a great job here, allowing data to be saved to SD card or backed up to the cloud via Dropbox. DataVault also does backup and restore operations from within the app, making it easy for me to have access to my data even if my device crashed. Additional features are the ability to login and even dial numbers from within the application. I also used the password generator, which allowed for the creation of passwords with uniquely customizable attributes.

On its own, as a handheld standalone app, DataVault feels mature and very functional. But when paired with the optional desktop software — available for Windows and Mac — even more functionality is unlocked. With syncing over local wi-fi and/or Webdav (which allows for sync with, I found DataVault to be close to the perfect solution. The ability to manipulate entries from my desktop, as well as having yet another backup option available if and when I needed it.

In addition, I liked that DataVault allowed for import of data from other programs. The files I moved over populated cleanly.

With more people going to the cloud for the semblance of universal access, I look to see more options for encrypted cloud syncing; Google Drive is a biggie (though, as noted, Webdav can be used with Still DataVault, with all of its functionality and simplicity, is an extremely compelling program that can easily, almost sneakily become indispensable.

DataVault Password Manager Review Rundown

User Interface - Clean interface with different layout options.
Usefulness - Very useful as primary password repository.
Performance - Sync worked well, and it combined well ith Dropbox.
Value - Formidable value, both on its own or when paired with desktop companion. Priced similarly to other similar apps.
Overall - excellent utility, topnotch support and ever -increasing functionality make it a great app to own.

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  • Darrian

    Does it offer
    two-factor authentication where I have to telesign into my account?