Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors Review

Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors Review

May 5, 2014

Frankly, I didn’t expect to play a game, involving the dude from the The Witcher, Gimli, son of Gloin, and mage from Diablo II – and I certainly didn’t expect to enjoy it. Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors is an action game that by the looks of it, has borrowed visual ideas from many a popular fantasy franchise. It’s got fonts from Diablo, characters from Diablo, story from Diablo, enemies from Diablo – okay, maybe not from many franchises, after all. The twist is that gameplay – whether by chance or not – is actually quite exciting.

The player character, whichever he chose for the mission, stands behind an energy shield that is being attacked by monsters of all shapes and sizes. The player needs to kill every enemy that is coming for his juicy insides, preferably before they attack the shield and crack it. But even if it is cracked, it can be repaired by quickly tapping on a series of dots. Of course, the player can’t attack anyone during these brief repair works, but this time can be also used to refill the player’s attack. Although each character has unlimited ammo, attacking reduces the special bar. When it gets depleted, the hero stops the attack, and the less of it remains when the player stops attacking, the slower it refills.

Each character has a number of special abilities, and even his own skill tree. The good thing is that activating special abilities doesn’t require anything, but waiting for it to Dawnkeeper Last Survivors 2recharge beforehand and afterward. The bad thing is that heroes and their abilities are leveled up with only gold, and there is a single gold reserve in the game. This, of course, means that the player is likely to spend his gold outfitting and improving one hero – let’s be honest here, it’s going to be Geralt, with mage being a distant second and the dwarf getting killed a minute into any level – while disregarding the others. This isn’t good, because each of the heroes has three lives that refill in real time. This means that if the hero dies three times in a row, the player either has to play as the dimwitted friends of his hero, or wait for at least five minutes to play again – which isn’t that bad, actually. There’s no energy in Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors, and while most of the gear has a ridiculous price, the game is mostly fair – except for the god damn Lich that just won’t die already! Gosh!

Two main issues in Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors are its control scheme and the replay bug. There is no indication as to where the heroes will actually stand, when given the order to move, and as their angle of fire is very limited, this means that placing the hero just right becomes a rather frustrating process. Furthermore, when trying to replay the levels, I often found myself out of enemies, while the level didn’t end, so I had to manually go back to the map, not getting bonus gold, and losing a life, even though I technically won. Apart from that, though, Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors is a surprisingly exciting game and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly – here’s to hoping the developers will fix what small issues it has.

Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Mediocre graphics and sound.
Controls - I battled with controls more than with monsters at first.
Gameplay - It's strange how exciting it gets.
Replay Value - Three heroes, lots of levels, and an option to replay old levels.
Overall - A somewhat min-maxed game. Great gameplay, but the rest of the elements are mediocre.

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