Dead Ahead Review

Dead Ahead Review

Dec 5, 2013

Dead Ahead is an endless driver with some really interesting gameplay elements that definitely put it above the usual infinite platformers or actions. Well, it’s not like Dead Ahead doesn’t have all the usual routine like ads, special offers that ease up the gameplay, and a sprawling in-app purchase system, but in free-to-play games it’s always a matter of whether the gameplay is interesting enough to ignore these issues, and in Dead Ahead, it kind of is.

The main hero is a young man, who was unlucky enough to survive a zombie apocalypse with a still-beating heart, and now needs to escape a zombie horde that’s chasing him at a surprising pace. He’s smart enough to not go by foot, though, and is riding a kick-ass Vespa. Maybe not really kick-ass, but it does get the job done. The player needs to control the vehicle as it swerves through ghoul-infested highway. To do that, the player needs to keep a finger on one side of the screen and swipe it up and down to turn the bike. There are also two buttons on another part of the screen to accelerate the bike, and to shoot your weapon. Did I mention there’s also a weapon? The trick is that the weapon isn’t used to kill the zombies in front of the hero – the vehicle handles them more than fine – but in the back.

The hero can die from two things: either he smashes head-on into some debris on the road, or the zombies behind him Dead Ahead 3get to him. They can be killed with guns, but the guns aren’t perfect and require reloading, so it’s really handy – and fun! – that the zombies are , and don’t have a problem running into different obstacles themselves. With correct leadership, they can actually smash into the inert zombies that you’ve missed, and smash into a happy red pulp together.

I didn’t mention a lot of things, because there’s too many of them to mention. There are missions that give gold and unlock new gear, different levels that are more challenging, and offer more gold. By the way, gold in Dead Ahead is relatively simple to obtain. There are power-ups that give a temporary boost, and if you missed them, can be blown up, along with zombies in the back. Dead Ahead is ripe with interesting mechanics, and I liked it quite a lot. If you’re not too irritated by the free-to-play mechanics (and they are kind of irritating), this game is great.

Dead Ahead Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - 2D, but a very impressive and cool one.
Controls - Had some problems with trigger responsiveness, otherwise great.
Gameplay - Very fine and original gameplay.
Replay Value - Definitely interesting to replay.
Overall - A surprisingly great driving shooter. Ads are a bit annoying, but the game is fine.

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