Defensoid Review

Defensoid Review

Mar 21, 2011

The tower defense genre is well represented on the Android market, and as such, new entrants into the genre have to prove themselves worthy in order to attract attention. Despite a few flaws, Defensoid does just that with strong gameplay, and some unique features.

Defensoid adds its own unique twist to the tower defense genre. Like many TD games, each level in Defensoid has set obstacles that you have to work around. Unlike most TD games, it also has some tiles that will damage each enemy that crosses them, and some tiles that buff the enemies. For example, guiding enemies across a radioactive tile will damage them, while guiding them across a speed up tile will give them a speed boost, causing them to take less damage as they zip past your towers. The trick is to build a maze that avoids the tiles that help the enemies, while taking them over the tiles that hurt them.

The underlying concepts in Defensoid are great, but a few flaws keep the game from achieving its true potential. The graphics and sound are both simple, and ultimately forgettable. Additionally, the controls pose a serious obstacle to placing a tower where you want it. Each level is made up of hexagonal tiles, and placing a tower on the desired tile can be a real hit or miss proposition. Often I found my towers landing on the tile next tot he one I was aiming for, which can seriously screw up a good build.

Despite the flaws, there’s still a lot that Defensoid does right. The levels are well designed, and you’ll find yourself trying each one over and over in order to find the right build. You can also choose to play with infinite waves of enemies, or stick with a finite number of waves. Either way, the goal is the same – beat your high score for that level.

Despite lackluster presentation, and twitchy controls, tower defense fans will find themselves coming back to Defensoid again and again in hopes of beating their best scores on each level. Dealing with the controls can be frustrating, but ultimately the gameplay is worth the hassle.

Defensoid Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - The presentation in Defensoid is weak.
Controls - The controls are twitchy, and you'll find yourself placing towers on the wrong tile frequently.
Gameplay - With special tiles, and good level design, Defensoid sets itself apart from the current crop of TD games on the Android market.
Replay Value - If you can get past the twitchy controls, you'll keep coming back for more of Defensoid.
Overall - If you can get past the controls, there's a lot to love about Defensoid. Try the demo before spending money on the full version.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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