Despicable Me Minion Rush Review

Despicable Me Minion Rush Review

Jul 23, 2013

One of the coolest things about being a dad is that I can express an excitement for cartoons and such without looking weird. Well, overly weird. I loved the original Despicable Me movie, and the sequel somehow just as compelling as the original. Despicable Me (the game) elicits just about as much excitement.

It is an interesting running game; the minions are successfully converted to dashing protagonists. After the cute opening sequence and cutscene, the game progresses directly to the running action. The running area is a a lab reminiscent of the environments. In this area is the mostly three-lane track. As with most running games, the end goal is to stay running as long as possible. in this game, running means not getting blasted, falling into or getting pulverized by both inanimate and moving objects that block the lanes.desp1

The obstacles and dangers were numerous and varied. Pipes, dummy rockets and huge gaps were frequently present; even the goodies like collectible bananas and mini-minions can lull a player into danger. There are plenty of power-ups and multipliers to be had; but the gameplay is really helped along by change in perspective and the specialized vector fights. The vector fights occur at intervals, and have to be won to progress and keep on running.

I love what goes on with the graphics. The colors are laid at well, and the animations are very minion-like. the switches in perspective happen seamlessly, and work well to kill monotony. The entire experience is visually pleasing.

There are plenty of upgrades, and the in-app store is hard to miss in this freemium title. For some of the more robust add-ons, it looks like it will take a while to earn them without dropping cash, but it is possible to play as-is. I do think the game is a but pushy with regards to getting folks to pay, but, as always, I am reluctant to whine about developers trying to get paid.

This game proves that even infinite runners have a lot to offer. With way more positives than negatives, Gameloft does a good job.

Despicable Me Minion Rush Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Cool, engaging graphics. Nice vocal complement.
Controls - Swipes, with a few taps incorporated in.
Gameplay - Enough elements for it to be regarded more than just another running game.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive
Overall - Fantastic as a companion game or all by itself

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