Destinia Review

Destinia Review

Sep 29, 2011

Gamevil continues to rock the role-playing genre. Their Zenonia series has garnered high praise for combining copious amounts of hours of game play with an old school charm. Now they hope to apply this same formula to Destinia.

Destinia puts players in the role of Duke, a hero who is rescued from his prison by some rebels looking to bring down an evil empire. The story is par for the course on these games, where Duke was part of the evil empire, gets the boot, and wants his retribution from the ruthless warrior who ultimately put him in jail. It is a slow story that is told through character art and text boxes. It provides enough glue to hold the game together, but it is not something players will be asking for in a novel for cold weather reading.

Where the game excels is in the gameplay department. Fighting enemies is fast, furious, and frantic. This is thanks to the oodles and oodles of quests. Each town contains various inhabitants that need a hero to go and slay enemies, pick up various items, and return for a reward. While fetch quests are easy, they get old after a bit of time. It is easy to get lost in the vast amount of quests available, but they do provide enough substance that it is easy to pick the game up and play for a bit of time and feel like something was accomplished.

Destinia does feature a unique pet system that is rarely seen in this genre. During the adventure, players may stumble upon monster eggs. These eggs may be hatched, thus providing Duke a fighting companion. Just as the main character can be honed to a lean mean fighting machine, the pet may also go through a process of “evolution” to become a ferocious battle master.

What sets most Gamevil RPGs apart is their treatment of the game world, and this is no different. The visuals come in a 16-bit flair,g with sprites being well-animated, the world being extremely colorful and varied, and the special effects coming in as grand spectacles for the eyes. The audio carries the theme well with a decently rounded out sound package. A feature I found enjoyable was that when a critical hit was scored, a big damage number would pop up, the screen would flash, and the phone would vibrate. It may be a small touch, but it really aided in pulling me into the battle even more.

Veterans of action-RPGs will find this hack-‘n-slash game to be a great addition to their mobile game library. The yacking of NPCs can drag on a bit, but the decent character customization and hours of game play make this worth checking out. Once Destinia has its hooks in, it is hard to resist the call of just one more quest.

Destinia Review Rundown

Visuals/Sound - A beautiful world rendered in 16-bit glory with plenty of color and variety to keep things fresh. The background music fits the world well, while sound effects are efficient and befitting the action.
Controls - A virtual d-pad is used to navigate the world, while quick buttons on the right side make it easy to access special attacks, inventory items, and access character information.
Gameplay - Gobs of quests will keep adventurers busy for hours, while the action of the battle system will keep those hours hectic and enjoyable. Deep character customization allows players to hone their hero to their exact fighting style.
Replay Value - There are three playable characters to level up, and an online battle arena for PVP addicts. There is plenty to come back and do, even after the second or third play through.
Overall - There is a lot to do in this world, and it will consume hours of game time. Despite the slow story, this is a fun world to slay slimes and hack down n00bs.

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