Diggy’s Adventure Review

Diggy’s Adventure Review

Oct 27, 2016

Diggy’s Adventure is an interesting, self-contained game that might just release the Indian Jones within.

Just maybe.

We do get a simple sliver of backstory; our hero is looking for his father, who has been for a few days while searching for something mysterious. This then gives some initial gameplay goals, which must be met to go further on into the game.

The gameplay is easy to get into; at its core, it feels like a dungeon crawler, and there is an ever-refreshing list of items that must be located and collected to open up newer portals. Using tap controls, our main character can be guided towards the unit block paths. Some blocks can be dissolved by contact for the goodies within, while some are immovable. The amount of energy is limited though, so you have to be judicious with what one does with this resource.

As the game goes on, the obstacles get trickier… stuff like levered bridges, rollable boulders and the like start to appear, and these up the puzzle factor. Through it all, you get funny folks to talk to, and goodies to discover. Also, the developer promises new content on a weekly basis.


When it comes to the visuals, it does a good job of keeping the game’s premise: dungeon exploration. It works well in 2D, and utilizes hidden caverns and passages well, with light being the most important resource. It doesn’t get too complex, but is still able to convey the gameplay, even by avoiding being overly whimsical. The animations are useful

The game does a decent job of keeping one’s attention; the items that need to be found, plus the interactions and the evolving puzzles combine well together, and actually create a tangible tale that draws one in to get to the end of.

Diggy’s Adventure Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple and effective.
Controls - Intuitive touch controls.
Gameplay - Arcade puzzler in a leveled dungeon crawler skin.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - A fun game with surprising depth.

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  • Jesse Lee Permenter

    something to keep my brain awake. It was at first. Pixel federation likes your money. They let you get to level 50 and then you flounder because they stop giving you energy incentives. Support was less than helpful in resolving the issues I have with this game. They get you hooked and then you are constantly hounded on side screen about special offers ranging from $6.00 to $100.00. Here’s my thing, Console systems don’t require wait times or money incentives to further yourself. Your skill level determines that. Diggys Adventure after level 50 is useless. After your energy is spent, you can’t play. I can download over 3 or 4 million games that don’t require this garbage. The sad part is this game could be awesome but because of greed, the game blows fat beef bus… I highly suggest any other game on earth.

  • Kate Zaxar

    Hi Jesse,
    please be assured thtat the app is completely free and there is no need for ingame purchases to proceed and fully enjoy the game.
    The videos you mentioned are only available until a certain point. After that, the amount of energy is not sufficient for more advanced players. But if you need more energy, please, keep improving your camp equipment. You can also check our Wiki for more info: http://bit.ly/2fpJo1G
    Have a great day,
    Diggy’s Adventures team