Disney Magic Kingdoms Review

Disney Magic Kingdoms Review

Apr 6, 2016

Ah… Disney Magic Kingdoms.

The game is laid out in eye-friendly fashion; it plays in portrait, and makes use of animated portions to give the gameplay context. It looks like a Disney joint, what with the vibrant colors and defined use of familiar hues, and the top-down management view is easy to comprehend. Add in the sound, and it’s clear that the developer is looking to create a playful environment, and at first glance/hear, it looks like a successful endeavor.

The storyline is equally easy to understand: think of your favorite Disney kingdom… there you go. Think it up, make it as grand as possible, full of positive vibes and familiar Disney heroes and heroines.

Joy untold.

And then, it’s all taken away, by someone just as familiar for her evil ways: Maleficent. She sucks out the good and bathes the park in an evil myth, as expected.

Mickey’s (the player’s) job if he chooses to accept it? Restore the park to its former fun-filled glory, and profit.

The intro cutscene summarizes the story, and then one gets into it. The core idea is to get tasks done; said tasks are the key to restoring the grounds and opening more characters. The enemy characters are at work too, and dealing with them also becomes a core part of the tasks.


As more folks from the Disney universe are released, the game gets busier. Starting tasks sometimes requires resources, and completing them can gain them. real cash can be used, but doesn’t have to.

It is all quite cyclical.

The game plays a lot like MARVEL Avengers Academy in the way it flows, but on a smaller scale; the familiar characters and gentle storyline make it a great choice for young people and the young at heart. It moves itself along, allowing one to get through tasks without too much complexity, and as such, it works as a timewaster. The interactions are easy to understand across the board.

Disney Magic Kingdoms Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Creative, familiar and very inviting.
Controls - Intuitive controls.
Gameplay - Task oriented gameplay.
Replay Value - Mildly engaging.
Overall - A fun, cross-generational romp.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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