Diversion Review

Diversion Review

Aug 19, 2011

Diversion is a 2.5D take on the endless runner genre that has taken off on mobile platforms. The meat of the game isn’t necessarily ‘endless’ though – this is primarily a level-based game. Players must navigate through levels filled with hazards, trying to collect gems and stars while constantly running forward. The gems can be used to skip levels and buy additional character costumes. The game is ad-supported, though with the new 1.2 update, players can purchase additional gems, which will also remove the ads. The cheapest gem pack is $0.99.

The game does have a lot of content in it; with the new update there’s over 100 levels not including endless levels. Though, each level is not exactly the same; they are actually randomly generated, but each level has a particular theme and set of obstacles that are prominent in it. Thus, when restarting a level, it may seem familiar, and the ability to learn from mistakes exists, but nothing is quite what it seems. There are a variety of costumes to unlock to customize the character, and they actually have an in-game purpose, as some levels will grant the player double the gems for using the correct costume. This can only be discovered by finding the “character” icon in each level. The game is optimized for Honeycomb tablets, as well. Developer Ezone will be giving away codes for extra costumes and gems on their Facebook fan page.

The pace of the game can be kind of slow, and with restarting levels from tghe beginning, this means that seeing the later content in the game will take a while. It would be nice if gems could be spent to unlock future levels; the initial environment gets a little boring after a while! After a while, I just feel like falling and getting spiked to death in different environments. The game would also do well to track which outfits unlock double bonuses when the icons are collected, especially as early on, some of the outfits necessary to get the double bonus aren’t unlocked until way later in the game. Some kind of note on the character list would be helpful.

Diversion is quite different from the rest of the genre, but its slower pace can make it frustrating to play at times, especially when trying to complete levels. This free download is a solid investment of time, though.

Diversion Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Everything in the game is rendered in 3D and very colorful; game runs perfectly on tablet resolutions as well.
Controls - One button controls are simple to use, though quick reaction times are needed near deadly objects and ledges.
Gameplay - The pace of the game feels very slow compared to other games; this may likely be intentional, but it's mildly annoying considering retrying levels is something that has to happen often. Learn to run faster, Diversion protagonist!
Replay Value - A LOT of levels are available, and getting to see them all will take a long time.
Overall - This is a good free download, and tablet owners will especially love the support for their devices.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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