Draw Something Review

Draw Something Review

Mar 19, 2012

Draw Something is a game…

…actually, that’s really quite debatable as to whether it’s a game or not. Ostensibly, it has the structure of a game – players get one of three word prompts, they draw it (or attempt to, at least), the other players tries to guess it, both players get a reward if it’s guessed, and the streak continues.

Now, where I question the definition of it as a game is that there’s nothing stopping players from just writing out the name of the word. It’s presumably against the spirit of the game, but nothing is stopping anyone from doing it. I had many similar qualms about These Robotic Hearts of Mine, and the way that game didn’t stop players from just jumping ahead to the story.

The difference here is that the process is so much fun. Making terrible drawings that friends must try to guess is entertaining, and it’s fun to discuss the bizarre processes that go into the drawings, especially as they’re seen from start to finish by the player trying to guess.

The game is amazingly platform-agnostic; it’s launched on iOS and Android, and by logging in to the same user account via Facebook or their own account service, the game can be played no matter what platform games were started on.

Right now, the Android version lacks notifications like the iOS version, so for users just playing on Android, they need to make sure to check occasionally for their turns. The game is playable on phones and tablets, but just by the nature of the game, it’s a lot better on tablets. Having a stylus helps a lot too. This is where everyone who mocked the Galaxy Note shuts up.

My recommendation with Draw Something? This is best with friends that the experience can be shared with. There’s little actual competition in the game, it’s just about drawing terrible drawings with friends, and laughing about how terrible they are. Just don’t expect the game to provide any structure for it.

Draw Something Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Expect plenty of crude drawings, but the interface is very crisp.
Controls - Use a stylus if one's available. Why Samsung isn't promoting this game heavily with the Galaxy Note is beyond me.
Gameplay - I'm really not sure that it's actually a game, since the only real restrictions with the rules are made by the players, and there's no penalty for violating them. It's a curious structure.
Replay Value - This one should be fun to play as long as it remains amusing.
Overall - It's fun to draw with friends, but without any boundaries, how long will the fun last, anyway?

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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