Dungeon Keeper Review

Dungeon Keeper Review

Feb 3, 2014

Dungeon Keeper, the venerable series of PC games has waited around 20 years for a sequel. Does Android deliver?

Dungeon Keeper doesn’t really play anything like the original series. In the original DK the player built a dungeon from the ground up. Digging to portals on the map caused different creatures to visit the dungeon depending on what amenities the player had.

Screenshot_2014-02-01-09-31-04Once the dungeon was ticking over, tough bands of adventurers and warriors would arrive to destroy your evil base. A combination of clever dungeon design and tough creatures was needed to defeat them. After a few defeats, the lord of that level would arrive and once he was dead the player won the level. The game was full of funny dialogue, dark passages and genuinely evil looking creatures to use and really felt villainous.

Dungeon Keeper Android is a Clash of Clans clone dressed up like a Dungeon Keeper game. Rooms are built and units are trained up just like Clash of Clans. Your minions don’t move from their rooms and rather than heroes attacking your dungeon battle involves heading to other dungeons and attacking their monsters. This kind of monster on monster combat is nothing like the original game. The player just drops their monsters into the dungeon and since there is nearly no choice of unit there is no strategy to battle.

Screenshot_2014-02-02-09-37-37DK is loaded with timers. By far the most annoying one is the wait time to dig out blocks of rock to create space to build things. There are hundreds of blocks to be mined out and a lot of them take either 4 hours or 24 hours to mine. Most of the time gameplay in DK consists of logging in, tapping on 2 or three blocks then closing the app since there is nothing else to do. Prices are very high. The most expensive IAP costs $99 and gives enough gems to mine out a few dozen blocks.

Dungeon Keeper’s graphics are nothing like the actual DK series. Bright hallways, cutesy hearts and cute bright green trolls abound. This version of DK looks like it was designed by somebody who has never played the series before. Gone are the dank, dark hallways and gross giant beetles and flies to be replaced by cartoony visuals that lack any sort of personality. The sound is also seriously lacking.

From the descriptions above it should be obvious that one of the biggest failures of this version of Dungeon Keeper is actually being a DK game. Minions just have no character to them the gameplay is totally different and the game lacks the darkly hilarious and super bloody feeling of the original.

In the end there is no reason to play this game. It isn’t really a Dungeon Keeper game and its timers are oppressive. Rather than buying this it would be a much better idea to purchase the original game from GoG.com for $6. It is much, much more fun and doesn’t ask for more money.

Dungeon Keeper Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks and sounds almost nothing like the original game.
Controls - An average interface.
Gameplay - Very short on actual fun with way too many timers. Lacks true Dungeon Keeper style gameplay
Replay Value - Likely to be uninstalled very quickly by fans.
Overall - Dungeon Keeper's unbelievable timers and lack of gameplay make it a game not to be played by anyone.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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