Earn to Die Review

Earn to Die Review

Feb 11, 2014

Earn Or Die is a unique take on a zombie game. Does such a thing actually exist?

Earn or Die features yet another survivor of a zombie apocalypse trying to just escape. Unlike other survivors though, this survivor has access to a car. Sure it’s a broken down piece of crap. Just attach a few propellers, enhanced tyres and saw blades and escaping the zombies becomes a lot easier.

Screenshot_2014-02-04-18-15-32Indeed upgrades are central to the gameplay in Earn or Die. At the very start of the game the broken down car the player has is completely useless and can barely roll a few feet before running out of fuel.

Thankfully, this boring start is short lived and after earning a little money and buying some more fuel and such it becomes a lot better. Even though the game has a fuel mechanic this isn’t as bad as it sounds, as once the fuel is bought the fuel tank is always that full. There are no nasty in app purchases for fuel here.

The upgrades are really fun to use and range from mounted guns that automatically blow away zombies, to mounted propellers or jet engines to boost the car along. Saw blades to rip up zombies and big tires to grind them into dust top off the package. While each new car purchased needs to be upgraded separately money is handed out fast enough that this is never annoying.

Screenshot_2014-02-04-16-41-35After enough upgrades the player should be able to make their way to the end of the level before running out of fuel. Some additional controls to control the tilting of the car help eke just a bit more distance out of the fuel as its easy enough to roll down hills by rotating the car in mid-air to make progress without accelerating and using fuel. Not to mention it’s very fun watching a spinning sports car careening down hill, crushing living corpses and smashing though boxes as it goes.

After reaching the end of the level bonus money is awarded and the player unlocks the next level. The levels I’ve seen are very similar to each other, but the real star of the game is the cars anyway.

Earn Or Die features no microtransactions whatsoever. The game costs next to nothing and with no in app purchases.

Earn or Die looks great. A sharp cartoon style defines the game and car upgrades are fun to see. Zombies disassemble and squish realistically and watching them bounce around as they are blasted by a shotgun or shredded by a circular saw blade is great fun. The sound is decent enough with some nice boomy sounds for weapons and some nice heavy music which suits the game perfectly. Zombie moans are repetitive however.

Earn Or Die is a fun game available for a bargain price and doesn’t try to nickel and dime the player. Its unique, interesting gameplay makes it a game worth playing.

Earn to Die Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great looking cars and upgrades. Fairly plain environments.
Controls - Super simple controls
Gameplay - Fun zombie squishing action and cool powerups. No ads or in app purchases!
Replay Value - Lots of vehicles and upgrades to unlock and fun gameplay.
Overall - Earn To Die has no in app purchases and features lots of fun gameplay and imaginative upgrades.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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  • ddh819

    it’s not free exactly – there’s a free version that’s just the first level

  • Allan Curtis

    Oops, total brain fart thanks for catching that. Edited the review.