Endless Boss Fight Review

Endless Boss Fight Review

Feb 24, 2014

Boss battles are a forgotten art among today’s games – especially on the small screens. Arcades and runners and puzzles leave no place for the giant health bars and figuring a tactic that has to be applied to this or that battle. To compensate, here’s a game that’s nothing but a boss fight – Endless Boss Fight, that is.

Endless Boss Fight is exactly what it’s called. The player controls some weird little cube-headed robot who fights against another weird, but a lot bigger one. The matter of their conflict, or the origins of confrontations are left upon the players’ imagination, and the only thing that matters is that the little robot, called DD, punches the giant boss endlessly, while the latter goes through several stages, getting more and more powerful. Endless Boss Fight is a mini-game, blown up into a fully-fledged title. The basic mechanics are incredibly simple, yet the game has lots of features – although, to be fair, these features aren’t enough to hold the whole game together, if the core game feels dull.

DD can be moved around the screen and punch. Punching and running around is everything that he ever does, really. The basic task is to evade, or deflect the bosses attacks, which mostly consist of rockets of different kinds, and punch the boss himself as much as possible by dashing towards Endless Boss Fight 2him when he finishes an attack. Punching a boss, or deflecting the rocket “combo” gives the player coins that can be spent on expendable upgrades. There are also special coins that can level the hero up – or they can be spent on a boss that grants the player bonus coins, while the game isn’t being played. I don’t really understand that part, but whatever. When DD gets the boss’s health down to naught, the boss rolls off-screen and then rolls back again with a new deadly kind of attack. There are also various power-ups like temporal magnet or invulnerability that can help against the boss. There are also special moves that, for some reason, require gold to be activated, which I think is somewhat of an issue, as I find it unnecessary to spend the special coins to improve the special moves, only then to spend usual ones to be able to actually use them.

Overall, Endless Boss Fight is a high-quality game with mediocre gameplay. Although I played it with little problems for a time, there’s nothing to strive for, no significant gameplay changes, except for living long enough to see the boss’s another incarnation. So, if you like the idea right away – game on! But if not – there’s not much else to catch.

Endless Boss Fight Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Really impressive 2D graphics and effects. Sound is also fine.
Controls - Positioning the hero exactly against the rockets to deflect them requires a skill of its own.
Gameplay - At the same time somewhat varied and somewhat repetitive.
Replay Value - It's catchy, but there's nothing to diversify the game later on.
Overall - It's done really great, and is quite original. I just didn't find it all that interesting.

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