Epistle Review

Epistle Review

Mar 14, 2012

I am still in search of a fine Android text editor, one that will match up with my preferred choices on iOS. In my hunt, I have found Epistle, a plaintext editor that is barebones but has one key feature: Dropbox synchronization. By setting it up in the preferences, documents typed up in Epistle will sync with a Dropbox folder, and it can be set to either a new folder or a preexisting one.

One of the best features of Epistle is the app’s support for markdown users. In particular, it will show a preview of any markdown in a note, though it will not show while actually typing it up. Other iOS text editors do not support this (the developer of iA Writer has said that iOS just does not have the power to handle it at this time due to the relatively low processing power on phones and tablets), so it is a minor omission. Files can be shared to WordPress, and formatting will remain, so it can serve as a markdown converter of sorts.

This is a very bare bones text editor, though. Literally the only features are simple note typing, Dropbox synchronization, sharing and a fullscreen mode. There’s no word count functionality, no direct markdown-to-HTML conversion, nothing beyond the core features. It functions well, but has key omissions from what I need in a text editor. It also specifically only indexes .txt files, other extensions like .md are not indexed by the app at all.

So, I will continue searching for that perfect Android text editor. I typed all this up on my phone, so I know that it can be that effective first step, a good way to just get words down in a file. Still, exporting to WordPress is a fantastic feature and it is a great step on the way to finding that perfect writing experience on Android.

Epistle Review Rundown

User Interface - Very simple and clean interface, though it is very reliant on the menu button for optional features, a downside for tablets and buttonless devices.
Usefulness - It's great for just getting words typed up and shared to Dropbox or to Wordpress, but it lacks features beyond that.
Performance - No issues while typing, though the transition from previewing to editing can be slow.
Value - It's free, and easily converts my markdown to a Wordpress-friendly format.
Overall - While my hunt for the perfect app continues, this is a step in the right direction.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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