Exorcist Review

Exorcist Review

Jul 10, 2012

Exorcist is a game where the character being controlled is out to stomp out some evil creatures. With the overhead view, it is easy to see the fast moving spiders, bats and other attacking creatures. The hard part is attacking before they do. When enemies attack, they are do so in waves. Each wave is a bit stronger or there are more creatures attacking.

When the enemies are terminated, they leave behind some gold. The gold is used in the store to buy more and better weapons, armor, potions and magic. All of which have a limited number of uses. If in the middle of attacking a wave of evil all of the arrows from the crossbow are used up, more can be bought without leaving the game. Crystals can also be used to purchase items in the game. However, the crystals are a more difficult to earn. When a wave is completed and almost no damage is taken on, crystals are awarded. Crystals can also be purchased in-game with real world money.

The controls for Exorcist are an onscreen joystick and buttons. These controls are more accurate than similar controls in others games I have played. While moving the player around, there is a little arrow to guide the way. Just head towards the way the compass looking arrow points and there is sure to be a battle waiting in the midst. The control type can be changed in the settings to a “tap and run” kind of control. Just tap the part of the screen where the character should go and she will head there.

Starting out, there is only access to one of the 5 areas of the game. The Entrance is where the game begins. Once more levels are completed, other areas are available like the Cemetery and Hell. As the game progresses, Exorcist does get quite challenging.

Exorcist Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - I won't say this a lot, but the music in Exorcist is so good I didn't look for the option to turn it off. Very fitting for the game and not generic polyphonic ringtone sounding at all.
Controls - I like the two control options. If you hate the on-screen joystick style, the tap and run controls work good as a replacement.
Gameplay - I like the overall style of game play. The overhead view makes the game seem less cramped.
Replay Value - Exorcist is challenging but bot so difficult it makes you not want to fire it up for 5 minutes to get through a level.
Overall - I think Exorcist is super fun and worth the download for sure.

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