Family Medical Info Review

Family Medical Info Review

Oct 10, 2012

For folks with kids, Family Medical Info from Appventure is a compelling app to have.

Picture this: I was at doctor’s visit with the kids. Usually, my wife usually has doctor duty, but due to a last second change to her schedule, it was officially “once in a blue moon.” I had to fill out more paperwork than an IRS accountant, and couldn’t remember the answers. How am I supposed to remember ALL the birthdays? Allergies too? Seriously?

Family Medical Info takes the guesswork and guilt out of recalling medical histories for the entire family.

As far as the user interface goes, I found there were not a whole of frills; just enter the data and get it done. It allowed me to enter a host of information: physical stats, picture and medical details. After entering the physical stats and blood type, I was able to notate allergies, current medications, doctor information and the (most important to hospital staff) insurance. Very handy, but I also liked the ability to share specific info by email.

Family Medical Info also syncs with Appventure stablemate ICE: In Case of Emergency. ICE collates personal data for first responders and emergency room staffers. It’s easy to see how both sets of software could go hand in hand.

The obvious question that FMI raised for me was whether it is reasonable to think that, say, an EMT will scroll through a phone for medical info. Well, I guess I could always put in a note under my personal info to check the app. Or I could put an icon on my lockscreen. But then, did I want anyone else to get access to all of my family’s medical information? Fun questions, but I’d rather medical people potentially have access to my information than not, and the smartphone is a s good as any place for them to check.

I though FMI could actually use a bit more scenery UI-wise. I appreciated the business-like approach, but since this app almost calls for multi-device use, I figured just a little dash of the whimsical could help it seem a bit more welcoming.

At its simplest, FMI is a great tool that let me centralize needed information and make life easier. Beyond that, it could be of use during a medical emergency. That, dear friends, is plenty of upside.

Family Medical Info Review Rundown

User Interface - Utilitarian; gets the job done.
Usefulness - Can be a useful tool.
Performance - Simple goal; it meets it.
Value - Decently priced.
Overall - Easy-to-use app with basic share functionality. Does a good job of collating medical information.

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