Fiz: Brewery Management Game

Fiz: Brewery Management Game

Dec 20, 2013

It’s no secret that craft beer is the fad that brings everyone from all walks of life together; hipsters to lawyers, middle aged middle management to college students, men and women, all have enjoyed this new phenomenon where your local watering hole or liquor store doesn’t feature the same boring watered down beverages, but rather those made with passion and love that taste amazing. Similarly, the game Fiz: Brewery Management also possesses the soul of those great craft breweries; a game that was built from the ground up by a group of passionate beer drinkers, with a little financial help from those on Kickstarter.


Many management style games utilize microtransactions or a way for the player to “cheat” their way to the next level. Players of Fiz will not see anything of the sort. Instead currency must be earned through financial management, budgeting, marketing research, beer sales, and participating in given events. While this title never let’s you completely tank, it also doesn’t make it a cake walk to earn the big bucks and become a world renown brewer either. This title really makes the player have to think and be resourceful, even more so than popular NimbleBit or Karisoft titles. Anything from where you sell, to what you sell, to how it’s made can make or break your digital brewery, much like real life.

Beer Geeks will also love the deep selection of styles of beers one can brew in Fiz. Anything from Lagers to IPAs, to Saisons and Russian Imperial Stouts and even Barleywines are some of the many types of beer you and your pocket brewery can produce for the various unseen e-customers. Of course, not all beers are created equal, as some have higher costs than others and some don’t do as well as others do at certain establishments. You could spend most of the game brewing the basic Lager and selling it at your buddy’s market, but no brewer with any merit wants to do just that. Besides, where’s the adventure and money to be made?


Even the individual brews can be affected depending on any number of factors. The equipment in which your establishment owns to who you have on staff, can affect the quality or time it takes to make a beer. Even special modifiers can be put in which can increase player’s XP, beer quality and a number of other factors. There is an absolute ton of different things players need to factor in when trying to make that perfect beer.

There is just so much about this game that makes it a lot of fun, interesting, and a title that you just won’t be able to walk away from. It also gives players the freedom to play as much or as little as they like, with the game’s time pausing upon exit. This way one needent worry about time passing without profit. Not only is Fiz one of the most realistic management games out there, it’s probably one of the most interesting. Much like your favorite beer, once you try Fiz, you’re going to want to tell everyone else about it.

Fiz: Brewery Management Game Rundown

Graphics/Sound - This is like the one area of the game where it isn't that great - using the same retro graphics that so many games use nowadays.
Controls - Lots of menu options and clicking on items to do, but not complicated whatsoever.
Gameplay - An amazing management game that's fun and difficult at the same time.
Replay Value - Boasting some 20+ hours of gameplay, you're going to want to keep coming back.
Overall - If you like management games and you love the craft beer craze, this game will absolutely knock your socks off... or get you drunk with fun.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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