Fleet Combat Review

Fleet Combat Review

Aug 23, 2013

Tower defense in a new, sea-bound world is the name of the game in Fleet Combat.

This adventure is set on the high seas, and I admit that I did not mind the intro backstory: no zombies in this apocalypse; just good old Mother Nature in the form of engulfing sea levels. The resulting disaster leads to a restructuring of power, and our game story revolves around resistance against invading enemy forces.

The game developer was prudent enough to put in an interactive tutorial, which helps explain the game “pieces” and general strategy. The defending pieces will be familiar to US Navy aficionados, taking the form of different types of warships (the whole setup when looking at the ships is somewhat reminiscent of Battleship, but I digress).

The game is split into battles, with success in one opening the next.

In the simplest state, strategy involves using limited resources to build ships to defend a base unit. As with most tower defense units, these units all have different values and different attributes; the availability of the units depends on cash on hand and replenishment speed. No units are replenished without enough money being available. After depleting the starting budget, destruction of enemy ships is the only way to get cash during a battle. To that point, waves of enemy ships pour in (usually from the left en route to the home unit on the route, and the key is placing the defensive ships in a manner that protects the home base from being directly attacked.

The controls are mostly based on taps, which can be used to select ships, place them, and guide specific weapons to fleet1incoming targets. This is especially useful to hold the enemy craft at bay, especially in the later levels when the ships intruders become a bit more crafty. I liked that the home base had it’s own set of advanced replenishing weapons. The game has boss levels, too.

Performance yields in-game spending tokens, and real cash can be used. I think the upgrade methodology was a tad bit clunky in that there seemed to be too many steps; I also thought the sequence needed to initiate firing was a bit inflated steps-wise; I think a simpler set of taps would have been great. The game graphics are effective, if a bit understated.

It’s an interesting take on an ever-popular game genre, and well worth an extra look.

Fleet Combat Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Utilitarian media
Controls - A bit complex when using weaponry.
Gameplay - Compelling tower defense gameplay, complete with upgrade system.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Good gameplay, engaging upgrade process and great narrative.

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  • jarod

    Really good game, a good time killer,.