Flick Tennis Review

Flick Tennis Review

Jul 3, 2013

Flick Tennis — from Rolocule Games — is a completely atypical simulation that thinks outside the box with regards to gameplay.

It chronicles developmental amateur career tennis (college, in this case) and has an excellent graphical comic as an enjoyable cloak to tell its story

Where Flick Tennis excels is creating a relatively easy tennis simulation that has enough oomph to make it truly enjoyable.

It has a decent tutorial, which is something I like in games of this type. The tutorial consists of a diagram with four tours of shots, and that is followed by an interactive version that explains the mechanism of serving and flicker1returning shots. Using mostly gestures, it is possible to control direction and to create exchanges that looked fairly realistic. Unlike a lot of great sims out there, this game has something really cool: visual players.

The graphics are well defined and built to please. Looking at the dirt court for example, practically invokes the smell of matching surface. The animations are very well done, with the mannerisms of actual tennis players making it that much more life-like. The different shots reflected realism, and the player movements looked good; I enjoyed the subtle things, like the serve sequences and how the players tap the soles of their shoes with their racket in-between points.

In the base 1v1 matchups, one gets to select a player and court and play with an abbreviated and well done perspective, with my player in the foreground. The aforementioned gestures are easy to understand, and after a few mishits, I was doing quite equitably. Scoring matches conventional tennis scoring.

The game comes in several other modes as well… multiplayer was fun. It allows two players to play local games from a top-down view. After the perspective of the 1v1 games, it takes some getting used to, but it made sense. In career mode (Story), the comics come into play, with some interesting storylines and nice artwork.

Many players and courts need to be unlocked; which is cool; if one character and/or location does attract the attention too early, it/they can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

Once again, it’s a fantastic game with fantastic elements that will be hard to put down by anyone with even a basic love of tennis.

Flick Tennis Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Enjoyably vibrant, plenty of character and the additional plus of graphical content.
Controls - Intuitive gestures.
Gameplay - Wide variety is definitely a plus; multiplayer mode is the cherry on top.
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - A fun all-rounder that is very well conceived and created.

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