Flipboard Review

Flipboard Review

Jul 11, 2012

I have always liked the idea of RSS readers and news apps, but I can easily say that the execution of these are somewhat disappointing. I want to like Google Reader but the constant managing of notifications and having to navigate to the actual story webpage are small things that just spoil the experience for me. I’m interested in the news more than smaller blogs, so maybe RSS was not really the best fit for me anyway. After maybe half a day of not checking up I would come home to 100+ notifications from all my major news outlets. I am very partial to certain news organizations but I still like to get other sides of the story. Looking for an RSS reader that also doubles as a news aggregator I stumbled upon Flipboard, and needless to say, I was impressed.

I fell in love with Flipboard the moment I started using it on my Droid. The whole app, visually is set up in square tiles that, literally, flip, up and down to reveal the next page on content. These tiles contain the different sources that are incredibly user customizable like the popular Metro user interface on new Window’s products. Simply pick some topics of interest; say, Technology, Sports, and Photography, and those tiles show up and contain news about each topic. Those stories are presented with a huge photo along with the title of the article and news source, and clicking on the title brings the full story, not just a link to an external webpage.

More than just a news aggregator, Flipboard offers the ability to include specific blogs in the news feed. The list of blogs available is impressive and there is the ability to add some through RSS. I love how these news stories and blog feeds are treated equally and being able to quickly switch between the two is so convenient. There is Facebook and Twitter integration and they do a good job, but it is not something that will replace their standard apps. There is also the option to create and account and back up everything for quick recovery, which I had to use, and went without a hitch.

So to tie this whole thing together I will give a quick run-through of a specific combination for anyone having a hard time putting this all together. Pulling open the app displays a large, WP7 Metro style 3×2 grid of tiles with everything that is normally read on the internet, on any smartphone in a gorgeous presentation. Flipboard is the closest I have seen a app of its kind come to actually reading a newspaper or magazine on my phone. For anyone looking for an app that is the perfect marriage of aggregated news, social networking, and RSS all tied up in an incredibly gorgeous and innovative presentation look no further. Flipboard is an amazing app and probably one of the most perfect news readers available.

Flipboard Review Rundown

Usability - Setting button is hidden on the second page but that is literally the only gripe I have. Flipboard is amazingly simple and intuitive to set up and use.
Performance - Slight loading times, but that is more of a reflection on network speeds, but the reliance on large photos doesn't help. Page flips are executed perfectly.
User Interface - If I could give Flipboard's UI an 11 I totally would. It's that good.
Value - Can't beat free.
Overall - An app that truly deserves a perfect score. I am officially smitten.

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