Flying Fox Review

Flying Fox Review

Jun 17, 2013

Flying Fox is a puzzle-solving adventure from Chilingo.

Scoundrel foxes have never been more adorable. Our main character, personified as a crafty black fox, reopens the long time feud between canids and poultry farmers. Basically, the fox is hungry, but the chickens in this caper are not necessarily willing to sacrifice themselves for the fox’s culinary delight.

The basic gameplay involves guiding a levitating fox to swoop down to catch chickens. There is a virtual line in the air that denotes success when a snatched chicken is carried to that point. Using the controls, you dive with the fox, snatch a bird and carry it back up, and so on.fox1

The game picks up in different ways. The level of difficulty increases, with barricaded hens soon making an appearance. In these levels, the player has to, at first, pick up and use heavy, dense items to break in and get the chickens. To up the pressure, there are countdown timers that have to be beaten, as coming in slow causes failure. The game branches into dynamite, walled flyways and more the further in one gets.

I like the controls; choice is a good think, and if there is one thing that Flying Fox gives, it is choice of control. It can be played via virtual joysticks,mainly with accelerometer (along with a dive button), or all-touch. I like when I can choose how to play games such as these, and I tend to use different controls configurations based on the screen real estate of the device I am playing on… for example, I just find touch controls a bit easier on smaller screens, and joystick guidance more accurate for my sturdy thumbs on tablets.

The game is made up of a simple, yet effective color scheme, seemingly designed to enhance the action while not being overly distracting. The animations were smooth, and the artwork was good without being overly serious.

Flying Fox is a fun time waster with plenty of levels to be enjoyed by players of just about any generation.

Flying Fox Review Rundown

Graphics/Sounds - Interesting graphics, smooth animations and fun sounds.
Controls - Kudos for choice.
Gameplay - Inventive and engaging
Replay Value - All but begs to be replayed.
Overall - Another well made offering from Chilingo.

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