Fortress Fury Review

Fortress Fury Review

Aug 2, 2015

Fortress Fury seems like it should have been released more than 5 years ago, back when Angry Birds were still kinda popular, since this seems like a logical evolution of the concept. Fortress Fury lets the player build his own fortress, arm it with various medieval weapons and fight off against the enemy fortress, trying to destroy its core while keeping your own intact. It’s very fun, and while the game looks a bit overwhelming on the first try, it’s actually fairly easy to grab a hold of.

There are two primary parts in Fortress Fury. The first part is constructing the fortress itself. The process is simple and complex at the same time. The “fortress” is a vertical, rectangular patch of squared space that the player can fill in with blocks of different material, as well as with special parts. There is a number of upgrades that the player can purchase, some of which unlock the new blocks, while others improve the stats of those that are already unlocked. The material blocks are pretty straightforward, serving as the basis for the tower, and protecting the important bits. The special blocks are all different and serve different goals. The most important special block is the Fortress Fury 3tower core. If this block is destroyed, the whole tower falls apart, so this block should be protected at all costs. Its unique ability is that it can disguise itself as any other block, so the enemy never truly knows where it’s situated.

Another important block is the armor that, when activated, can protect a certain amount of blocks from being damaged. There’s a bunch of other special blocks, which can be unlocked, but have to be put sparingly, since the more powerful blocks player puts on his tower, the heavier it gets, and there’s a maximum possible capacity to a tower, meaning the player should try to conserve his resources, or make sacrifices. Finally, there are the actual weapons. They are simple static ballistas and catapults, with the exception of the front archers, which evolve over the course of the battle, and later on become huge monstrosities, chunking blocks of land at the enemy. The aiming and shooting is the same simple drag and release action that was in Angry Birds, their spin-offs, and influences. The game tends to become spammy, but it still has a strategy requirement to it, combining perfectly the player’s ability to design a great fortress, and his ability to aim his troops for the enemy.

Overall, Fortress Fury is really fun, although it does require some concentration and dedication. It’s easily one of the funnest free-to-play strategies I’ve seen, and is a great example of why free-to-play system doesn’t automatically equal frustrating and dumbed-down gameplay.

Fortress Fury Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple 2D graphics
Controls - There's a lot of buttons and sliding the armor during the heated battle is a bit frustrating.
Gameplay - Innovative and complex
Replay Value - Lots of stuff to unlock, and a rich multiplayer.
Overall - A very unusual and well executed action strategy.

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