Frenzic Review

Frenzic Review

Feb 3, 2011

Frenzic is a game that makes a bold promise with its name – fast, frenzied gameplay, but then, due to technical shortcomings, often fails to live up to it. The goal of Frenzic is to try and drop wedges into the circles around the board, to form other circles. The wedges come in 3 colors – orange, green, and purple (don’t worry, a colorblind mode is also available), and you want to try to form circles of the same color, as they give you extra lives, which you lose whenever you have a piece you can’t place down. The game is called Frenzic for a reason – it’s very fast. You’ll have only brief moments to lay down pieces before it’s on to the next one, and the next one…this is a game all about keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs.

And really, this frenetic pace that the game presents is unique, and encourages thinking on your feet like few other puzzle games tend to do. Also, the app looks great, having been originally designed by notable iOS and Mac designers The Iconfactory, and the port by Sourcebits looks just as great as it does on those platforms, and appears to do a better job with handling higher resolution screens and nonstandard aspect ratios like the Galaxy S’s 1.6:1 screen.

But not all is fine in the land of Frenzic. The frenzy is often lacking due to frequent, unexplainable slowdown. See, in a game that’s supposed to be fast, it’s actually unfair to have the game constantly slow down, especially considering that there’s online scoring. It’s not like this is an occasional issue – this happened all the time, and even after clearing out background applications and disabling sound, music, and Scoreloop, I still had slowdown issues. As well, Scoreloop is a problem in and of itself, particularly it seeming to be impossible to load up an account I’ve already registered. Also, the design of the game itself feels flawed to me, particularly in that the random drawing of wedges can you screw you over; some kind of next piece preview might help, but it often feels less like I’m failing because of a lack of skill, but because of a poor lack of the draw. I prefer games that make me feel like I’m in control of my fate, than subject to the whims of the forces of chaos.

Frenzic’s gameplay issues and technical issues are a deadly concoction. Overly random gameplay that frequently slows down is not a combination that works. Until the game gets fixed to solve its slowdown issues, which are especially asinine considering that fully 3D games like Need for Speed Shift run without issue on my phone, this puzzle game should have no issue running at full speed. Hold off on this one, at least until the slowdown issues are fixed.

Frenzic Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Basic, colorful graphics, and a smooth design that looks great.
Controls - The controls are largely solid when the game is running at proper speed, but when the slowdown comes in, the responsiveness is dramatically decreased.
Gameplay - When it works, the randomness can be frustrating as success is often out of your control; that's not even counting when slowdown comes into play.
Replay Value - Main reason to come back to this one is for high scores, and while online high scores are available through Scoreloop, Scoreloop's interface is very poor, and makes it difficult to recover accounts from another device.
Overall - Technically flawed, and a gameplay concept that subjects you to far too much randomness. Hold off on this one.

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