Mar 14, 2014

Frontline Commando 2 is an urban shooting game that combines several elements into a tidy package.

It is an interesting cover system game, in that it isn’t just a simple matter of shooting and ducking from end to end. The game engine works within the gameplay to create situations where opportunity costs definitely come into play. The general idea is that the player controls a team of commandos, each with life bars and offensive and defensive attributes; waves of enemy soldiers come in in a host of different environments, and it boils down to a level-by-level battle of attrition.

The action is swift, and, just as in the original, is presented in third-person, which works for the gameplay. The FC1action areas are usually visually slight but quite wide, allowing for fairly liberal side-to-side movement, with the protagonists mercenaries occupying the foreground, and the enemy further “up” visually. The controls are spread out, with the shooting button nestled with the duck buttonThere is a sighing mechanism hat is easy to manipulate via gestures; placing it on the enemy and hitting the shooting button fires on said enemy, and if/when the enemy’s life bar is depleted, he is neutralized. Shooting automatically lifts the player out of the cover position, and he remains there until the cover button is tapped.

Now, the enemy gets craftier as progress is made; one weapon to be wary of is the tossed grenade. When one is tossed, there is an ominous red symbol shown on the screen, and it is time to GIT. Direction buttons on either side of available screen show up, and tapping them causes the lead character to hustle to another cover point. Then, snipers appear, as well as boss type of players with special body armor that need even more than usual damage to dispatch.

On the other side, completing missions earns action points and game currency which can be used to recruit players and upgrade weaponry and training, all of which are crucial for continues success. And real cash can be used.

It has smooth graphics; the animations are well designed. It is bloody, but not overly gruesome, and has the gritty looks we almost expect in these type of games.

I would have liked a more homogeneous menu system, but it’s tough to whine about that with innovative branches like PVP mode included. All in all, it a compelling free-to-play sequel, and fun without being pigeon-holed.


Graphics/Sound - Nice, gritty looks, decent animations and sound.
Controls - Well placed and intuitive.
Gameplay - Familiar, but still very engaging.
Replay Value - Tough to put down.
Overall - Great game, worthy successor with even better graphics and gameplay.

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