Fruit Attacks Review

Fruit Attacks Review

Aug 4, 2015

All hail Fruit Attacks. We’ve been waiting…

Visually, this game is festive. It uses bright colors to highlight the gameplay, with defined choices signifying specific play points. The animations are pretty smooth, and the visual cues well done. The sound score is also engaging, and fits the game well.

Control-wise, Fruit Attacks employs a dual thumb method which allows for the player to touch and drag a precise path for the offensive projectiles to travel; releasing the screen fires it. Additionally, shaking the device adds to the fa1offensive arsenal a player has.

And where does this stuff get used? Well, in this one, the earth is under attack from alien, uh, fruit that are on a revenge mission to punish earthlings for consuming — you guessed it — fruit.

Earth’s only real hope is the previously maligned “Sound Amplification Transmission Inducer,” which can take out the dastardly fruit. SATI is our hero, and the thingie whose projectiles the player controls.

The Fruit generally float down from the top of the screen, with SATI at the bottom, and the idea is to use the aforementioned dual control method to create a path that destroys the invading wave. The weapons can bounce, so in ways, it feels a bit like creating trick shots via ricochet, taking out each line with the least number of shots. As the game progresses, one gets more difficult waves in trickier formations, and the goal is to get them before they get too close. Down the line, one can shake the device to cause a temporary stun as well. Some waves are tougher than others, and the charging system is an element that adds to the overall gameplay.

Doing well earns one golden seeds and experience points; the latter allows one to level up, while the former allows for the purchasing of boosts and the like.

While simple on the surface, there is a lot of complexity swelling under the surface. It merges familiar elements (like the three-star grading system) to a dash of the unexpected, and the whole amalgam is pretty enjoyable. It’s a fun came, especially poignant if played while munching on an apple.

Fruit Attacks Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It's a sensory feast, with great use of color and smooth animations.
Controls - Atypical dual thumb controls plus tilt.
Gameplay - Active puzzle-solving with escalating challenges.
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - An engaging experience, with cushioning elements that provide depth.

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