Fruit Rocks Review

Fruit Rocks Review

Oct 29, 2012

Physics-based games are, in my opinion some of the most fun and challenging games out there. While most of the time physics-based games look easy at first, they usually get pretty hard really fast. Fruit Rocks is no different.

The game begins with fruit on trees and aliens on the ground. The goal is to hit the aliens with the apples. To shoot an apple at the purple alien, touch and pull back on the fruit, aim and let go Angry Bird style. A dotted line will appear to show the path of the soon to be tossed fruit. The screen is constantly scrolling. The farther the tree holding the fruit gets to the left, the less distance the fruit will fly toward the alien.

As the game moves on, rocks can be seen swinging from balloons in the sky. Slash the string holding the rock to hit the enemy on the ground. The is where a lot of the physics comes in. Some of the enemies are hiding behind barricades of wood. Using the fruit or rocks to hit the barricades will do two things; knock down the barricades and hurt the alien. Only 6 of the enemies can be missed before the level must be abandoned and started over. Some of the enemies take more than one off centered hit to be killed so accuracy is really key.

A few other things are placed in the game to help win the levels. In the sky, look for clouds to rain down fruit on the aliens. Also, tapping the ground near the enemy will make a small explosion. Use this to make the enemy walk in a desired direction.

The controls are pretty simple but slashing the string of the swinging rock at just the ring time can be challenging. The swings are pretty rhythmic, but the combination of the moving screen, the walking target and the swinging rock make for a difficult time. Take some time and walk through the tutorial at the beginning of the game right after the intro story.The tutorial will show how the game works and run through all of the motions needed.

Fruit Rocks Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The look of the aliens remind me of the alien on the Simpsons.
Controls - The game controls are pretty straight forward; tap and drag, tap or swipe.
Gameplay - The physics make the Fruit Rocks quite challenging.
Replay Value - The game itself is pretty difficult at times, but I didn't get that " I have to play this over and over" feeling
Overall - The game is fun and worth the download for anyone who is a fan of physics-based games.

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