Galaxy Pool Review

Galaxy Pool Review

May 8, 2012

Galaxy Pool is a physics-based puzzle game with a new, fun concept. The game is a thinking game, and one really has to think before tapping anywhere on the screen. I don’t know about others, but Physics was hardly my favorite subject in school so playing this game was a challenge – but an enjoyable one.

To get through a stage and level up, one must be able to propel the space ship into the planet and earn stars along the way. The tricky part is setting up the galactic paddles to make that happen. Sometimes, it’s not enough that the ship reaches the planet – the game might require the player to repeat the level, this time gathering more than just one star along the way.

The game controls consist of the propel button, and two buttons for tilting the paddles to the left or to the right. The ship is propelled by simply pressing the propel button, but the app claims holding it down for a few seconds before releasing increases the ship’s energy.

Even during the earlier levels of the game, I began to understand that it’s not a game of chance or luck, but of deliberate thinking and judgement. The biggest surprise I had while playing this game was the way the ship “bounces” to places that I did not expect. This is definitely not a game for impatient players, as it takes a while before anyone can master launching the ship correctly so that it lands on the planet. From the name of the game, I assumed there was some sort of gravity to help a player land the ship – but it seems that is not the case.

If not for the game’s amusing graphics and simple, smooth game play, I would have given up by the fifth level. The rules of the game are simple enough and the interface is fresh and crisp – which made me ignore how difficult some levels tend to be.

For people who are looking for a casual, fast and action-packed game, Galaxy Pool would not be it. However, for people who likes puzzle games and loves to analyze complicated things, this is a great choice.

Galaxy Pool Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - This is one of the reasons I kept playing the game despite the difficulty level. Simple, fresh design and entertaining space graphics
Game Play - Controls and straightforward and simple, the three buttons are responsive and fast.
Performance - Lag or force close is not a problem with this game, it ran smoothly the entire time I was playing.
Re-Play Value - Considering the difficulty on some advanced levels, users might not find this game worthy of a second round.
Overall - For those who love to be challenged, Galaxy Pool is a great game. With its dazzling graphics an d excellent gaming experience, it's a sure puzzle hit.

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