TouchMix FX Review

TouchMix FX Review

Sep 12, 2012

Trends come and go. Something is hot today, and inexplicably ignored tomorrow.

Make no mistakes about: DJs are always cool. From Cousin John who did weddings and was paid in reception beverages to platinum plaque-garnering producers like Dr Dre, dexterity on the ones and twos is interwoven in our culture.

Gamevil’s TouchMx FX twists production and heart pumping arcade-style gameplay and creates a tidy package for the fingers. Coming in at under 50MB, it shows that good things can come in small packages. It also gave me an opportunity to be the beatmaster I so dearly craved to be.

I found the game easy to understand; anyone who has unwittingly burned calories playing Dance Dance Revolution will have an idea as to how to play this game, excep fingers do the walking. I used both hands to tap vertically dropping bars and/or circle, matching taps to the beat. When I tapped them at the right moment, I was greeted by a grade of sorts; “Perfect” was what I wanted, though I was way happier to see a “Good” than the ominous “Fail.” And, I have to tell ya: the game favors people with nimble fingers. And just in case lines don’t work visually, I was able to pick circles for the visual cues.

An additional fun component is the Quest List, which is a staple of any arcade-like game. Achievements are garnered by streaks and such. In the Settings panel, I found options for sounds, sync control and even graphics.

TouchMix is an engaging game, but I suspect its simplicity could become monotonous for some. An expansion of the genre of music is something I would also like, but really, techno is almost a must-have for a game like this.

I’m high on TouchMix FX because it tackles the difficult job of creating a mobile game that can be enjoyed across generations. It’s a game that is able to wrap up most of the senses, and I found it hard to ignore its challenge.

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