Gemini Rue Review

Gemini Rue Review

Jan 29, 2014

Gemini Rue is the long overdo port of the exceptionally well-received port of the PC game of the same name.

The game flows ever so smoothly out from the well-developed backstory: it is set a couple generations in the future. The requisite civil war has occurred, and the Gemini System has declared independence, but a crime mafia runs most things, especially the distribution of an addictive, illicit substance.

The gameplay is a puzzle adventure, and calls for the player to use one of two leads to comb the local area for clues and tools. The first character is on a quest to find his brother, and this is where the gameplay initiates, more formally on the fictional planet Barracus.

The beginning sequences are grim, with a dark and foreboding undertone clearly represented in the looks. This post-industrial/film noir feel makes up the visual backbone of the game, and the animations are almost striking in their simplicity. The opening sequences walk players through some cryptic scenes, and then opens up to graffiti-laden rainy streets. Movement is achieved my tapping a location on the screen, which prompts our lead character to move to that spot. Tapping on something that can be interacted (like a person or object) causes a box with action buttons: itrue1 can be “viewed” or, in the case of humans, even spoken too. A nudge of the foot can also be accomplished, and there is a weapon button, and even a lock picking set for stubborn doors. Not everything can be used on everything or everyone, so a lot of the beginning is by experimentation. Gleaning information is generally a prerequisite for moving on. A big part of the gameplay is the communicator, which serves as a handheld information source and journal.

The shooting action serve as a fun diversion, and involve a bit more activity than might be guessed.

Puzzle-solving is the name of the game; the converged storyline is interesting, and the plot isn’t too convoluted. The game translates to Android quite well, even though I thought the touch-based controls were a bit finicky. For folks new to the game, it may be a bit disorienting, and the helpers aren’t exactly plentiful. I found the puzzles a bit underwhelming at times in their simplicity.

Still, this is a game that creates and maintains fandom, and does its new platform home a service.

Gemini Rue Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Cyberpunk? Yes!
Controls - Quite usable but wonky at times.
Gameplay - Puzzle solving and interactive.
Replay Value - Very addictive
Overall - Faithful port of the PC version.

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