Gesundheit! Review

Gesundheit! Review

Apr 10, 2014

Gesundheit! is the perfect antidote to sneezing.

Brace yourself, because green snot from green piggies make up a big part of the game. The playing area is simulated 3D, with zoom-able top-down look. The artwork is soft and purposefully exaggerated; it works within the concept of the game while ensuring it does not take itself too seriously.

The creatures are interesting enough in and of itself, smaller pigs that are terrorized by bigger monsters that are seemingly only distracted from catching up with the little guys is, well, boogers. Green, slimy, projected boogers.


It’s broken down into levels; at the root, our green protagonist has to roam around, collect yellow stars and avoidg1 the big bullies to make it to successive levels. Soon, toggled gates make an appearance, either blocking general egress or walling off the stars. To lower the gates, there is generally a button switch of matching color, and a couple ways to activate it: by guiding the green guy to “step” on it, by shooting some snot at it, or by tricking the monster to stand on it. Movement is performed by tapping intended locations; gesture pulls control projection of snot.

To finish the level (and solve the puzzle), it is necessary to trick the evil monster into stepping into a trap. This can be accomplished because the monster, which ostensibly stays asleep, wakes and follows little creatures who come within range. With strategic movements can be used to guide the enemy just where one wants.

At sometimes, when no obstacles exist between our protagonists and a monster, and all out chase can occur; squirting snot is the only way to get the monster off one’s back. This strategy aspect is engaging, and sets the game apart.

Extra pops for a free game with no ads; the first few levels are free, and the entire game can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

Gesundheit! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Well rendered.
Controls - Taps and gesture "pulls."
Gameplay - Engaging and comprising of simple trapping strategy.
Replay Value - Quite addictive.
Overall - Fun game with straightforward purchase model that makes sense.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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