Gibbets 2 Review

Gibbets 2 Review

Oct 21, 2013

As Gibbets 2 lacks any story, I’ve decided to make one on my own. It’s the distant future, 2015. Human kind has suffered a collapse, caused by the shutdown in the White House that somehow led to an all-out nuclear war. One man has found a buried cloning device, and decided to take over the world, because that’s the only thing left to do after the collapse of humanity. His plans were foiled, however, and all of his numerous clones were sentenced to death by hanging, regardless of how rare and priceless rope has become. Now, one man needs to free them all, before they choke to death, because he… believes in the power of friendship? I’m not sure about that part, but what do you want, I’m not a writer. Anyway, here’s your story. Now, take the bow, and shoot those bastards down.

The idea behind Gibbets 2 isn’t as interesting as its realization. It’s a very simple bow-shooting simulator, but instead of shooting down generic targets and apples, the player needs to cut the ropes of hangmen, to free them. Not only is there a limit on the number of arrows per each level, it also needs to be done in a limited time. Also, it’s better not to shoot the poor souls, although it could at least count as a mercy murder. Each level has a number of these hangmen, and there are also some bonuses, as well as special pick-ups, laying in some levels. An arrow should pass through them, to “pick” them up.

Gibbets 2 2Shooting itself is very simple. The bow is mostly tied to one spot, so to shoot, simply press at any point of the screen, and drag in the direction opposite of the one you want to shoot at. The arrows are subject to gravity, and in later areas, they take a very long path to their target, so the game becomes quite challenging.

Speaking of challenges, Gibbets 2 lacks any in-app transactions. It’s free-to-play, but makes it up with ads in-between the levels. They are somewhat annoying, but still seem like a lesser evil, compared to IAPs. The game is too simple for that anyway, primitive graphics and all. Overall, I liked Gibbets 2. Its simplicity is the best part of it, and there are plenty of varied levels, so it’s quite worth the money, considering it costs nothing at all.

Gibbets 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very simple, but not ugly.
Controls - Press and drag.
Gameplay - Again, simple, but not boring.
Replay Value - Interesting to play and replay.
Overall - An engaging, and somewhat original puzzle shooter.

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