Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball Review

Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball Review

May 29, 2014

Always wanted to be a customizable squid? In Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball, players can be just that. It is a harsh world inside our deepest oceans, that’s one thing the game proofs.

In Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball, players take control over a squishy green squid that navigates the depth of the ocean at a very high risk. What’s the matter? When the squid, presumably called Glob, touches anything, and I mean anything that is not a collectible, Glob instantly explodes and the game is over. Yeah, that is a bit rough on him – but it is the same for the player. Because the game has such a tight control scheme, it really bummed me out when Glob got killed by the environment. The game tests not only the skills of the player, but also the amount of patience it has. Waiting is a big part of the game, because sometimes I had to wait and see what would happen if I used a power-up.


*Glob* is full of little collectibles. There are three kinds and each kind does different things. When Glob encounters certain objects that stand in his way, there is always a power-up needed to clear to road (temporarily). The game is design is such a way that players will never run out of the things it has to collect, but that doesn’t mean it makes it easy on him. If players really want to go for all the challenges the games offers, they have to go deep. Its core design is like a classic Nintendo game: easy to learn and the levels offer a fair challenges, but the mechanics are difficult to master and players will need to go far to get everything out of the game. However, the controls are a bit counter intuitive and that’s a shame. I took me quite some time to get used to it.

Also, it would have been better if the challenges were visible before playing a level. Now I had to pause the game (costs a second), view the challenge and restart the level. It is all unnecessary and time consuming. Especially for a game where every second counts (and could count even more in the light of the challenges) and where the achievements form a major part in the enjoyable experience.

Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball is a gem of a title, even though it has those counter intuitive controls. The game looks very nice and lets players even customize the little squid, with parts that are unlocked after completing challenges. At its core, it feels like a classic Nintendo title: easy to learn and hard to master. But always a blast.

Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Environments can be standard, but Glob looks really nice.
Controls - Counter intuitive for a long time, but it's something I found worth working around.
Gameplay - Gameplay is rock solid, with nice puzzles.
Replay Value - Has lots of difficult challenges and the famed three star rating.
Overall - One of the Google Play Store gems. Go get it!

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